Alain Carle architecture studio uses dark green suede and brass details to make the storefront of Aesop, a skincare brand, feel like a jazz club. The storefront combines dark, rich natural materials, reminiscent of the old underground bar. The storefront has a large window, which can reveal the symmetrical patterns inside. White oak custom-made cabinets wrap the whole space in an arc shape, acting as a partition, increasing the comfort of the store. The walls and ceiling are painted dark black with a matching checkout counter and separate washbasin.

In the skincare cosmetic shop interior design, how should we use a gorgeous or novel decoration effect to achieve the desired effect? For many shop owners who have no experience in decorating cosmetic stores, they should first understand the relevant knowledge of cosmetics shop decoration. Today, I would like to introduce to you to the decoration design methods of skincare products and cosmetics stores. I hope you can master the knowledge you need through the following understanding.

skincare cosmetic store design

Determine the theme of the design

Whether you are designing a skincare store counter or a skincare cosmetics store, you need to define your theme and carry out extension and design according to the theme. Therefore, designers must be familiar with product characteristics, understand product characteristics, and define customer groups. Only in this way can we design a display cabinet that not only meets the product display requirements but also meets the customer experience.

  • 1) The design thinking of the cosmetics store is free from the relatively simple thinking of showing and selling products to customers and turns to the commodity marketing strategy of attracting customers' attention and promoting commodity sales.
  • 2) In the initial stage, we need to make clear the style and development direction of the store in order to find the correct positioning. Before the shop space design work, only by truly understanding the positioning strategy can the space design truly serve the business under the premise of accurate direction.
  • 3) Cosmetics store space contains huge potential resources, and its power system is of great significance to the brand. The design of product display mode, lighting and color application, space function division, in-store decoration selection, publicity poster design, staff uniform dress, and other aspects should be designed around the brand positioning and business philosophy.

Clarify Relationship Between Cosmetic Display and Products

Generally speaking, display cabinets are used to display products, but how to arrange the position and layout of display cabinets, as well as the selection of display cabinet styles, is really very important. Only when we make clear the relationship and difference between the display and the product, can we better grasp the information that the product needs to display, so as to show this information to customers.

  1. 1) In the shop decoration design, under the condition of clear market positioning, we also find the direction of the design theme positioning. Therefore, to grasp the relationship between space display and products will be the key problem to be faced in the next practical design work.
  2. 2) From the position of logo to the placement and collocation of products, the practical and effective set of product structure can not be ignored. The unique and unique display style and outstanding characteristics of the product will make the brand image more distinctive, and the external image of the product can be enriched and the brand appeal can be rendered, which has an impact on the development and extension of the brand.
  3. 3) In the design, we should not only consider the beauty of the product display but also consider the square benefit of the store, so as to avoid the situation of local hot and overall cold, resulting in the unsalable situation of most ordinary products.

Customer & User Experience

When we design a skincare cosmetic retail store, we should bear in mind that all the display fixtures are easy to use, the cosmetic display fixtures are not only used to show a great image to customers but also have the function of displaying. Therefore, we should take the staff using habit into consideration. Is it easy for workers to get the products? is it easy for them to access from different angles?

  • 1) At the same time, it is necessary to design new products or to stimulate customers' desire for fresh products.
  • 2) Store is the most direct form of product expression, and the establishment of the brand image is the most convenient way to promote cosmetics store

Therefore, a good store space design has a foil effect on the product, and it also improves the brand culture and quality. check the wonderful Natural Wood Style Skincare Cosmetic Store Interior Design blow gallery.