The cosmetics shop is where we can see everywhere in our lives. We can see that the cosmetics shop looks completely different from the mobile phone shop and the style of the glasses shop. Mobile phone shops are mainly bright, but for cosmetics shops, light is very important.

Because customers need to test on the face before buying.

Because customers always try cosmetics before buying. At this time, the light in the shop is very important. Because only good light will have a good effect.

shop design


Light Strip

The lamps and lanterns used in the decoration design of cosmetics shops are divided into four types: lighting lamps, spotlights, lighting lamps, and lightboxes.

You can see that this shop mainly uses lightboxes, light strips, and spotlights.

The function of the lightbox is mainly for advertising. Putting your main products on it can let customers know the hot-selling products in their stores. From the perspective of the structure diagram, two large lightboxes were placed at the entrance of the store to promote the store's main products. There is also a lightbox on the top of the wall display shelf for publicity.

For the ceiling, we use spotlights. Light strips will be added to each display stand.

floor plan


The store layout can be said to be the core of the entire store. The size of the store is 7300*3700mm. The size of the store is not very large, we need to arrange the display cabinets, the cash register, and the inventory location reasonably.

Wall display cabinet

For wall display cabinets, we mainly put them next to the wall, which can save space for the shop. There will be light strips on the top of each shelf of the wall cabinet. This will make the entire display cabinet more attractive. The top of the display cabinet is a lightbox, the middle is a display area, and the bottom is a storage cabinet. The storage cabinet can mainly store some hot-selling products. The product can be replaced at any time.

cosmertic store

Makeup Display Counter

The display counter we will put in the middle of the shop. The front of the display counter has a small table and four timber piles. It does not only can display the product but also can decorate the whole store to make the cosmetic store more attractive. Two sides of the display counter have the display shelving, each layer also adds the light strip. At the top of the display counter, we add the small lightbox. And the customer will know it. The back of the display counter has a small stand to display the cosmetic product.

Cosmetic Display Rack

We put the display rack on the front of the display counter. And we put the display rack nearby the lightbox. The display rack will be used to sell the mask.

makeup shop interior design

Reception Desk

We put the reception desk on the back of the wall. The back wall also has the logo, when the customer pays the bill, the brand will enhance the customer’s impression. The front of the reception desk has a lightbox or TV advertising. It will make the whole display stand more unique and professional. The reception desk has many types to choose from. You can choose the reception desk with your shop size, color, and what style you like. You can click here, and obtain more styles that you interested in.


The main material of the shop fixture is MDF and the surface we will use the baking paint. For the logo on the back wall, it will use the acrylic logo without light.

3D Design

Production Process

The production process includes 4 steps, one is to make the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. During the process, we need to cut the board and assemble them into a wooden cabinet. Then polish the wooden cabinet surface, and do the 4 white primers. The third step is to do the baking paint, for the color, we will match the color for you. The final step is to install the accessories like the logo, lightbox, light strip, and cabinet door.

Ant Display

Ant Display focuses on customizing commercial furniture. We have done and shipped many kiosks, shop fixtures to different countries. We have a professional design team and will make the 3d design of the mall kiosk and shop fixture according to your requirements. Then you will see the whole effect and will know what it will look like.

If you prepare to open the cosmetic store, welcome to consult.