cosmetic store furniture

Cosmetics shop is easy to find in the shopping center and street shops. As it helps people stay charming looks and stay young. With the fast development of society, people go the cosmetic shop regularly. And it’s a good idea to open a cosmetic shop and earn money.

Every cosmetic shop has a working station, display counter, reception desk, brand logo wall, and back wall decoration. We can also set a VIP room to increase customers’ reliability. Light makes the products outstanding and decoration the cosmetic shop in a good way.

Cosmetic shop front view

Before people enter the room, they will first see the decoration and arrangement of the cosmetics shop. Like the OROGOLD cosmetics store, the main color is a golden logo with a white background, which looks high-end and attractive. Customers can clearly see the layout of the interior furniture even outside the walls, which allows people to get to know us before entering the store. We can also place hot products and high-priced products near the glass door, which is a good way to attract consumers' attention before entering the store.

cosmetic shop design

Cosmetic store furniture introduction

Square shape individual stand

Small squared shape individual stand mainly uses to showcase products for sale. This squared stand has 2 glass cabinets for display. Between two glass cabinets is a luminous brand logo. And the bottom area is the wood body as support. We can also add a locked door behind it to increase the storage area. We can make the size 60cm*60cm*120cm and can also custom-made size for you.

Cosmetic display counter

The work display table is very important for a cosmetic shop, where people enjoy makeup service. It has a 4-6 cosmetic display counter with chairs in total on both sides. It has a ceiling light for brightness. And we can also add a big mirror here. Because cosmetics like lipsticks, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, and pressed powder place on the counter table for better usage. Under the table is a lock drawer and space for legs. Standard size is 120cm*60cm*100cm

Wall cabinet with light

The wall cabinet changes the simple wall to creative ideas. As the wall cabinets have open cabinets with light. We can also add lock cabinets can drawers for storage. Brand logo and lightboxes can also place here for advertising. The wall cabinet width is 30cn-80cm, length and height are according to the shop size.

cosmetic display counter

Reception counter with brand logo

The reception counter is set in the middle wall facing the entrance door, so we can see every people enter the shop. The cashier counter has a POS system and in front of it also has space for a place for more products for sale. We can set lock cabinets and drawers on the backside for convenient usage. The reception desk size is 120cm*60cm*90cm, we can also custom-made it in different sizes and shapes to get a special effect.

Behind the wall has a large brand logo with a black background. It also has a black color display counter here to showcase more items. They work together and gives a very luxurious effect to the cosmetic shop. The brand imagine wall is very important as it shows the brand sign to customers and can leave a deep impression on people. So please don’t ignore the brand sign and choose suitable design matches to the cosmetic shop furniture

Massage room

The inside room has a massage room with massage beds. It is a separate room, we can use it as a VIP room and provide massage service here. It can protect clients' privacy and makes clients feeling better.

cosmetic shop design

What materials are used?

The cosmetic display counter usually uses MDF with baking paint to make. Because it is smooth and looks good. High glossy baking paint always makes the display counter get a perfect effect. Other materials include tempered glass cabinets, stainless steel kicking, 3D luminous stainless steel logo, lightbox, warm light, and hardware. We can also use metal to build the furniture to get a perfect shop effect. Please kindly let me know if you have other materials requirements.


Cosmetic Shop decoration is very important for a beauty shop studio. We should spend more time and energy to get a perfect decoration idea and show it directly in a 3D design drawing. Please don’t worry if you are the first time to start a business. Here you are in the right place. Our designer team will give you good shop decoration ideas. And even make CAD drawings with clear design photos in different directions. They are very professional and excellent in making cosmetic shop furniture design. I am sure that you can get a wonderful and useful shop design. When producing the furniture according to the confirmed design, we can receive the same furniture as you want.