skin products display cabinet

We all know that there are cosmetics stores of large and small sizes in the shopping mall center. How to stand out in so many stores? Besides good products, store design and layout are also important. You will need a professional furniture manufacturer to guide you to start and complete this project, Ant display can provide design, production, and shipping service to help you complete it step by step.

How to design the whole cosmetic store?

The cosmetic store design is based on the product, floor plan, and logo, etc. to make the whole layout. The style of the store will have different effects with the color matching. If you have your favorite style, you can send it to us. Our designer will do a similar design for you and make some modifications to make your design more and more perfect.

Layout introduction

This cosmetics shop is opened in the mall. As you can see, it is a semi-circular shape, people can see the products displayed inside from outside, and at the same time, it is easy to get customers’ attention. The main colors are pink and white, makes it looks luxury & advanced. the main cosmetic shopfitting includes a few display cabinets, some wall cabinets, a cash register counter, etc. Spotlights are installed on the ceiling, and white lights can increase the brightness of the shop. We created this 3D store design based on the advantages of the location and the customer's ideas, and the customer needs to add the rooftop to make it look more advanced.

cosmetics store furniture


Usually, the pillar is used as a support, but it can be designed like a showcase in this shop. Each wall side has a different effect. One side is to add 3 layers of fixed wall shelves, each layer can display different types of cosmetics. The other side is to install lightbox posters to promote your products and services to people. Add light strips inside the pillars to make them look better. The unique design of the columns not only increases the display space but also beautifies the shop

Cosmetics Display Stand and cabinet

Install the lightbox poster above the stand, each lightbox painting will be different. It can help you promote your flagship product and increase sales. LED lights are added to the display stand inside to highlight the product, and underneath is the storage cabinet for more things. Usually, lightbox paintings are provided to us by customers. If you don’t have product pictures, you can use our existing pictures to make lightbox posters.

The cabinet can be made into the style you like. We are a custom factory, we can make new cabinet designs according to your ideas, and different colors and shapes can be supported. Besides, we can also provide chairs, and we have provided different furniture for many customers. You can tell us the chair style you like, our designer can add it to the design, let you see the whole effect.

Checkout counter

The cash register is a small square retail counter, the color is pure white with a luminous logo at the bottom, and there are many drawers and storage cabinets on the back for easy work. We noticed that the wall side behind the cash register counter is a pink color with light strips on it, customer logos and service principles have been added to the wall, which is the most conspicuous position in the store and can leave an impression on people.

cosmetics store furniture


1.What should I do if the price exceeds my budget?

Our price depends on the final 3D design. It is recommended that the first step is to make a design, you can confirm all the details and know the exact price. We have our own factory and will give you good prices. If the total price exceeds your budget, we can modify the design according to your budget. You can see what the store looks like within the budget, and make modifications according to your requirements to make it better.

 2.What is the production time?

The exact production time is based on the amount of furniture. It is usually 25-28 working days, we are purely handmade and the quality is guaranteed. If you want to receive it as soon as possible, please contact us to get the 3D design.

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