The project is a living hall under the brand of Zhuangshen. The living hall only carries out commodity layout in a small space of more than 20 square meters. Although the task space is small, the designer does not slack off at all. On the contrary, he is very careful about the state and style the store wants to present. Under the understanding of the main product structure of the living hall and the main groups of consumers, the designer started the planning and design of the project

The design of this cosmetics store aims to create a unique consumption experience for its consumers through the overall visual planning and design of choice brand, so as to meet the physiological and psychological needs of people to relax in the busy urban life, and maximize the advantages of the physical store.

As a new cosmetic brand store, user experience is an important part, so designers are required to maximize experience design in brand image, space atmosphere and product display. Starting from the plane vision, the use of simple geometric graphics and vitrified tile collocation has laid the brand keynote for the cosmetics store.

The floor of vitrified brick, the display shelf of metal material, the edge sealing of wire drawing stainless steel, the arcs everywhere in the details, and the warm color blocks dotted everywhere in the space. These organic and natural elements constitute a space that conforms to the modern fashion design aesthetics, creating a relaxed and pleasant space environment.

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How to design a Unique Small Cosmetic Retail Store Design In Mall? Here are some expert tips on it.

Basic Rules for the Cosmetic Display Design

1. When we design cosmetics storefronts and display cabinets, we should first outline the cultural background of the brand with important visual identity elements. Because different brands have different cultural connotations, we should emphasize some unique and important visual identity elements in the cabinet area to highlight their personality and form a unique brand atmosphere.

2. Secondly, According to the layout and area of the cosmetic display. Generally speaking, The functional zoning is carried out according to the sales requirements, and the layout plan meeting the requirements. The important basis for the partition of the counter is how large the counter area can be provided by the shopping mall. Therefore, Designers need to master the areas and functions of these counters as well as their respective display skills. For some well-known international brands, there are common functional areas: skincare area, cosmetic display area, make-up counter area, perfume bar area, gift display cabinet, reception area, new products display showcase, back wall cabinet, workbench, and so on.

3. Display space management elements mainly include color, light, smell, sound, temperature, atmosphere, etc. However, in the design of cosmetics counters in shopping malls, we can hardly control the temperature and sound of the counter area independently. At the same time, the smell of the whole business space is not controllable, only the local smell in the cabinet area can be controlled. Only cosmetic stores or specialty stores can control these three items.

  • Color: the VI requirements of the brand are heavily subordinate to, and the focus is on the consistency of color and color application skills of the counter.
  • Brightness: it is necessary to consider the properties of the light source, light modification, the brightness of different functional areas or some parts, visibility of objects, modification of counter and cabinet area structure, coordination with the overall brightness of shopping malls.
  • Atmosphere: it is often composed of the above and the following elements, and sometimes some simple elements are used to highlight some special atmosphere. With the same color, the atmosphere design is also heavily subordinate to the VI requirements of the brand, brand connotation is the key to build the atmosphere of the cabinet area.

Cosmetics Shopfitting Design Principles

1. Cosmetics counters should be designed according to the apparent effect of the overall commercial environment. Attention should be paid to the proportion of cosmetics image cabinet area to the overall commercial space, terrain, and geographical location, and there should be more people.

2. According to the cosmetics business category, business philosophy, and style, cosmetics image cabinets of different specifications and forms are constructed to achieve the functions of display cabinets, which are in line with the categories, grades, and concepts of commodities operated in the store.

3. The form of cosmetics counter design should be coordinated with commercial architectural style, sense of the times, and material to reflect the overall aesthetic feeling of commercial exhibition design.

4. The design of the cosmetics counter should be convenient for the display of goods and the effect of the display cabinet. The internal structure and facilities of the window can meet the display design and display design, and the construction of the display layout is convenient, which provides a guarantee for the use of the display cabinet and lays a good foundation for the display cabinet layout.

5. The structure of the cosmetic image cabinet should consider the requirements of ergonomics. The height, lighting position, angle, brightness design, lamp selection, and window entrance of the cosmetic island cabinet bottom platform should be reasonable, so as to facilitate exhibits and access.

6. Open, floor, and closed windows are combined with various window styles such as corner type, arc type, and both sides of doors, so as to achieve rich and nonrigid window styles and make the appearance of cosmetic display cabinets more artistic.

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The Characteristics of Cosmetics Retail Counter design

Modern cosmetics retail counter design should reflect the characteristics of real display content, season, art, color, culture, and fashion, and the material to reflect the display effect should be consistent with the design effect.

  1. The design of the cosmetics counter must be based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, truly and appropriately display the characteristics, specifications, quality, performance and use, and maintenance knowledge. The goods in the cosmetic cabinet should be consistent with the goods sold so that there are goods and samples, and the goods are genuine and genuine. Otherwise, the trust of customers will be lost and the reputation of the shopping mall will be affected.
  2. Seasonal characteristics of cosmetics display cabinet display window display should design different commodity display methods according to the seasonal changes, so as to reflect the content displayed in the window with the update of the season, and the sales of goods are consistent. This method is mostly used in seasonal goods, such as clothing, cotton knitwear, household appliances, and other commodities. At the same time, seasonal characteristics are also the expression of the characteristics of the times. Window display should reflect the characteristics of the contemporary display, keep pace with fashion, and consider the characteristics of the times in the selection of display methods, materials, and concepts. The display of windows should meet the aesthetic needs of the times.

Artistic Features Of Mall Cosmetic Display Fixtures

The display of cosmetics counter should have an aesthetic feeling, which is displayed to people through the combination of various decorative art means and modern display technology and design concept, such as application background, spray painting, decorative props, color combination, text modeling, lighting, display model and other plastic art skills and art, the display function of the window, the display layout of cosmetics back cabinet It not only has artistry but also enhances the effect of its display cabinet design.