Project background: Carslan, the leading brand of fashion cosmetics, adheres to the global brand strategy of "made in the world" with "quality of Carslan", and has always mastered the international fashion trend,

Carslan Cosmetic Store Desgin

Gather global resources to create products leading the new trend of color make-up fashion, so that young beauty-loving women always walk in the forefront of fashion

The cosmetics store design is very different from other retail products. First of all, in the overall layout, it can not only display products but also improve the shopping experience and brand image. Cosmetic display fixtures also play an important role in store decoration. Therefore, when we start a cosmetic retail store and looking for cosmetic store fixtures, we need to take both functions and outlook together and form a practical cosmetic retail space.

Design strategy: the design of the cardigan cosmetics store and the whole space design orientate the leading brand of fashion and make-up, and convey the visual trend of "young and classic". Through space experience, the store keeps young beauty-loving women at the forefront of fashion forever.

cosmetic store design

Design keywords: young, modern, fashion, trend
Design company: vSpace micro space is a high-end commercial space design service provider, Ant Display LIMITED

Design methods: we are not limited by the design style and form, adhere to, and maintain the development of their own unique design language, based on the combination of space design requirements and use functions, to customize the most efficient space design services for brand customers. The designer formulates the standardized design of space, behavior, props display, and visual indication, so as to unify the design of chain terminals in various regions for chain brands, and implement fast

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