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Customize the Perfume Kiosk & Glass Showcase for Cosmetic Kiosk in Retail Store for Sale

Luxurious shopping mall perfume kiosk | custom cosmetic booth for sale

Luxurious shopping mall perfume kiosk | custom cosmetic booth for sale

modern perfume kiosk with unique design & glass showcase for cosmetic kiosk for sale

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provide the 3d design and construction drawings

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Perfume is very common in our lives. On different occasions, the fragrance of perfume is also different. On official occasions, use light and fresh perfume so that it does not give people a sense of abruptness. In sports tourism occasions, use sports perfumes marked with sport in each brand. And at the moment of dating, of course you can use a strong and attractive classical fragrance. Therefore, when we sell perfumes, we can also divide them into categories, which is convenient for customers to choose.

Unique Perfume Kiosk for Sale

The perfume kiosk we use the pink as a main color. Because the pink is really lovely, represent the sweet. Besides selling perfume, you also can use the kiosk for selling the cosmetic. What a important is the top. The top is really attractive can help you attract the customer attention. Finally, it will improve your sales volume.

If you decide to sell the perfume, what things will you do?

Firstly, you need to find a good place in shopping mall.

Second, after you got the place in the mall, you need to find a manufacturer to help you build the perfume kiosk for you.

Third, we need to do a design according your requirements and size. The design will show all of your requirements. Then you can see the whole effect. The design will charge 300USD, but when you confirm the order, the design fee will be refunded to your deposit.

Fourth, after the design and construction drawing get the approval from the mall, we can start to produce it. Before production, please arrange 50% deposit as a production deposit. After finished the kiosk, please arrange the rest payment.

There are some information maybe you want to learn

For the installation, before we loaded the kiosk, we will install the kiosk in our factory, and we will take the specific videos and photos for you. When you receive the kiosk, you just connect the wire together. When you connect the mall power, the kiosk can work.

For the time:

Design time, first design time will take 3-5working time. Suggest reserve more time to modify the design and the mall review time.

Production time, will take about 22-25 working days.

The shipping time, it based on which port is near to you and which transportation you want.

Hope to bring you help, if you have a question welcome to come to consult us.

More Information
Color pink
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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