Bakery Display Counter Wooden Design Bakery Counter Cake Display For Bread Shop

As one of our staple foods, bread is very popular with everyone. Like most food stores, the most important effect of a bakery is lighting. Warm light can make bread and desserts look more beautiful and delicious. The unique decoration of the shop is also very necessary. Today I’m want to introduce a bakery and dessert shop design, hope this article will help you. Let's see more details as follow.


Shop Front Design

Different from other food stores, this store uses a lot of solid wood materials, which look natural and unique. This bakery has two entrances and exits. Each entrance has a custom logo and brand name. Roof and spotlights are added to the top. The roof can be waterproof and sun-proof. And the store looks better with the spotlights. The transparent glass allows people to see the product and the layout of the store. The brand name and logo use acrylic luminescent material. There are many unique patterns on the wood board. The whole store looks more fantastic.


Checkout counter

The cash register counter is also used as a workbench, and its role is very important. From the picture, we know that the first part is the main work area, responsible for the make food and beverages, etc., in the middle of the counter are two freezers to display the sweet food, and the final part is used as the cashier counter. This counter mainly uses artificial stone materials, and it is more beautiful to add the customer's brand name outside the counter. We divide the counter into 3 parts. After the customer receives it, put it in the right position and connect the wire,the counter can work normally.

Bakery shop design


Wall decoration

This bakery shop uses a lot of patterned wooden boards on the wall and adds LED light strips to the wooden boards. Put different lightbox paintings and posters on the wall as decorations. At the same time, it can also promote your products and services. On the back of the workbench, there are 3 advertising machines and tiles of different colors to make the shop look more unique.


Display furniture

Usually, glass display cabinets are used to display bread and desserts. Several glass display cabinets are placed in the middle of the shop to show different desserts. People can choose desserts according to their own tastes. Near the door sides, put several wall cabinets with bread and cake models to attract customers' attention. The glass display cabinet with 8mm tempered glass, which is very safe and durable. The storage cabinet underneath is very convenient for storing things.

Bakery shop design


Seating area

The main seating area is to put sofas and seats on the side against the wall. The furniture colors are mainly gray and brown, which can accommodate 2-3 people. There are some bread and cake display cabinets beside, people can directly choose desserts and return to their seats to taste. We can customize the furniture according to your requirements. The gray tables and chairs are suitable for this bakery and look very advanced.


Ceiling decoration

Let us notice the gray ceiling. There are wooden shelves like dandelions on the ceiling. Downlights and spotlights are installed on each shelf, which is very beautiful. As we know, the ceiling usually doesn't do much decoration. We use the wooden frame with lights, but it will have a good effect, it looks very eye-catching. When the client saw this ceiling design, he was very surprised and satisfied. Do you like this layout? We can also make more unexpected decorations for you.

Bakery shop design

How to make new bread and cake shop design?

Our factory mainly do customization and can make new designs according to customer requirements. Such as size, color, furniture style, and logo, etc. You can send us your logo, and our designer will add it to the design and show it to you. For the shop design, we will send it to you for confirmation within 2-3 working days. You can see the layout and effect of the entire shop. At the same time, we will make changes based on your ideas to make your shop more perfect.

Ant is one of the main manufacturers of customized furniture in China. We have our own factory and can provide you with unique designs, high-quality products, good prices, and delivery services. If you don't know how to start, we'll guide and help you complete this project step by step.