Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

Nowadays, when people talk about business, they always like to have a cup of coffee first. More and more people like to make an appointment in a coffee shop for friends' meetings and business contacts. Busy white-collar workers in the city like cappuccino, from that cup of coffee, can drink different levels of sweet and bitter taste. Some people love the taste of coffee. Some people love the atmosphere of coffee. So the interior design plays an important role of the atmosphere. There are many coffee shops in the center mall street with many different styles. Every shop design has their own expressions.

Description of the coffee shop

The style of the coffee shop interior design is very classic. What special is that the whole hue is brown and wood color, which is very similar with the color of the coffee. The shop and the product is combined, which can fix the theme and improve the coffee shop brand image and sell the coffee better. Customers like the special things very much, so a good interior design can help you win more customers. 

From this view, the main body is the bar counter. The counter is solid wood which looks very retro, and the countertop is the man made stone, which looks high-end. Besides, the man made stone is very bright and smooth, it is very easy to clean during the work or after the work. The most important function is that it is waterproof, because it is a cafe which needs to avoid the water to make the counter wet.

The counter still has the pillars from the countertop to the ceiling. Then it can support the counter at the counter top. The pillars and wall pillars decorate the white and black tiles. And the floor around the bar counter also decorates the white and black board. The luminous signs are on the pillars. There are many glass cups in front of the counter to show to customers and convenient for staff to work. The LED light strip and some small lamps are around the counter too, and the bottles are at the top part, which is as a decoration part. And some machines, coffee materials and liquor are put on the counter shelves and cabinets. And many stainless steel chairs are around the counter as customers area too. Customers can drink the coffee or liquor in this area, and the staff can serve them at any time.

About the door, there is the decoration too. Two big and tall black stainless steel frames with six shelves, and the woods fill full with 5 shelves, which is a beautiful design too. It can catch customer’s eyes when they look at the coffee shop door from outside or when they come in.

About the ceiling and floor, a half of the ceiling part is wood board decoration for the counter and another part is without it for hanging the simple and retro lamps. The lamps are also a wonderful design to embellish. The floor is the wood board too. The whole interior design is decorated with many woods. It is a nice style and a wise choice, because it can reduce much cost.

The wall is very special design. Most of the wall is made of many old bricks with a little gray cement frame, then the gray cement to make the logo signs or others in the middle of the old bricks. It looks very nice. One small corner is decorated with white and black tiles. One wall shelf side also with a frame with many shelves around the small door. Some woods are filled 3 shelves at the bottom, and some lamps decoration at different shelves, which looks very artistic. Besides, a cabinet is also with the wood decoration to storage something. Some hooks are on the wall fro customers to put their bags, umbrella, hats and others. It is thoughtful for customers.

The tables and chairs are all black and brown, which are put around the shop. And the black soft sofa is against the wall. All designs are the same hue style, which is really to fit the coffee the theme.


A shop fixture design including many aspects including the counter, logo, tables and chairs, lights, display areas etc. And the layout is very important. How to make a suitable design is very easy. Our designer can make it for you according to your ideas and expressions. If you are not good at offering the suggestions of the design, we can make one new unique style for you and give you the advance. The design includes 3D design effect, floor plan and CAD drawing to you, then you will see the effects with layout, lights, decorations from the design pictures, and know the details from the CAD drawing. Our Anti Display not only offers the design but also produces the customization furniture according to the design, you can get the high quality shop design and furniture from us.