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High Quality Cosmetic Kiosk | Mall Luxury Skin Care Booth For Sale

UK Attractive Cosmetic Kiosk Luxury Makeup Display Counter in Mall for Sale

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White and Golden Cosmetic Kiosk Decoration

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The cosmetic kiosk is a good place to provide cosmetic service and display showcase items. It’s a good idea to choose a unique and modern cosmetic kiosk to start a business. As it makes the shop stand out and better reflect brand culture.

cosmetic kiosk

White cosmetic kiosk design

This cosmetic kiosk fits for 5m*4m locations in the shopping center. It has a roof for placing the brand sign. We arrange display counters, wall cabinets, glass shelves, and advertising in a good position. The main color is white with golden color decoration.

Layout Decoration

This cosmetic kiosk divided into two parts by a large square wall cabinet. It is good to showcase products and advertising directly. As people can see it from 4 sides. And the backside has a display counter with a glass showcase and storage cabinet on the bottom. We can also add light in the middle to attract and brighten the counter.

Left part

We can see in the middle is a working table with a mirror. Customers can experience makeup service here. Its front is a very large promotional poster. Near the column is a display counter with glass shelves at the side and lock drawers behind it. The front side is a double side glass display with 2-layer shelves. While the top is a panel for the logo. While the corner is an L shape display table with drawers aside.

Right part

The right part is smaller than the left part. So we just put a display counter near the column, which has both display areas on the top and a glass cabinet on the side. While a 3-layer display showcase to place close to the lease line.

Material Description

  • Main material: MDF and metal frame
  • Surface material: Backing paint
  • Other material: Acrylic panel, light logo, stainless steel, 8mm tempered glass, etc.
More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, acrylic, stainless steel, etc.
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