With the increase of beauty lovers, more and more people open skincare shops, cosmetics shops, and nail salons. Nowadays, people's requirements for skincare products are getting higher and higher, and brand skincare products stores are increasing accordingly. And different skin types also correspond to different types of cosmetics.

Therefore, skincare stores will also make corresponding classifications. Skincare products of different skin types should be placed on different display stands.

If you want to attract more customers to visit your home for decoration, you need first make efforts in design and decoration. Secondly, we should do a good job in sales management in terms of products, business philosophy, and services.

shop fixture

So, how can we do a good job in decoration design?

Good Facade and Window Display

The design of the door and window is very important in the decoration of skincare shops! It's an impression to show customers. Customers often look at whether your door and window design is beautiful or not, and what is your brand positioning. If your store is not enough to attract people's attention, then the design of the facade and window display is a failure. Therefore, in order to attract customers' attention, we need a good window display and facade.


In the decoration of skincare shops, it is not enough to attract people's attention. The layout should be clear enough. When customers enter the store, if they feel that the furnishings in the store are chaotic, they will give customers a very bad impression. Therefore, the display and decoration of various commodities in the store must be uniform and the design should be standardized. The same skincare products are placed in the same place. The location of promotional products also needs to be considered. We need to make it clear to customers as soon as they enter the store layout.

shop store

I want to introduce the 3d design to everyone.


The facade of the cosmetics store is mainly composed of black and white stripes. For the facade, we use a luminous logo to let customers know it.


The style of the whole shop is a bit like industrial style. It is mainly composed of white, black, and metal frame.

cosmetic store

Shop Fixture

  • Display Rack

The display racks in the store are classified, and there will be logos on the display racks. This is convenient for customers to view. We look from left to right. They are a display rack and display stand.

1.Display Shelving,

There is a lightbox at the top, which can be used to display our own brand. Then there are 3 levels of the display below. Each display is a led strip. The bottom is a drawer for storage.

2. Display Stand

At the top is the category name of the product. Such as the skincare area, makeup area. In this way, customers will be able to distinguish well. There is also a lightbox on the side of the two-story display, and the corresponding product pictures can be placed on it. At the bottom is a storage cabinet with drawers.


  • Reception Desk

The reception desk is very important for the store. Because many people attach the reception desk usually. We can customize the reception desk with all of your needs. Like what style of reception desk you want, what color you want and what size you want. We will do it with all of your needs and make it suit for the store.


The main material of the shop fixture is MDF, and the surface we use the baking paint. For the display rack structure, we will use metal with black baking paint, and the customer can see it clearly. For the lightbox, we suggest that we can use the soft film lightbox. Because it is easy to change the poster. For the logo, we will use acrylic as the main material. If you want to use stainless steel, we also can use the 3D logo.

Ant Display

We are a custom manufacturer and can customize the shop fixture according to your requirements. You can send me your floor plan, we will do the 3d design with all of your needs. Then you can see the whole effect. After you satisfy the 3d design, we will start to produce the shop fixture.