The cosmetics industry is a very popular industry now, and if you use the right methods in this industry, you can definitely make money.

We all know that opening a store requires a good location, a good product, and a good service. Because a good location can attract more customers, a good product can retain customers, and good service can make customers have a good impression of the brand.

Regarding the shop models, there are open-plan shop styles and shop styles. But their definitions are actually the same. They are all made up of furniture such as lights, display cabinets, and cash desks. So what we need to do is to make a good plan with ineffective dimensions.

The biggest difference between an open shop and an ordinary shop is that there are no walls or ceilings. Therefore, Its’ engineering volume and funds will be less than the cost of a shop. Shop fixtures

Cosmetic Open-plan Shop Design

Open-Plan shops are what we often call cosmetics departments. Generally, only one brand will be sold at the counter. There will be some small stands used to display cosmetics. Generally, there will be a logo on every display table in the cosmetic departments, allowing customers to know the brand more clearly. The display stands have more light strip to make the whole cosmetic department more bright and unique.

cosmetic shop


For the cosmetics department, it is best to have a floor. Because the floor can effectively arrange the location of the display cabinet. Can make the cosmetics department tidier. The most important thing is that each stand of the counter will have a light strip. At this time, the electric line will be connected to the floor to allow the display stand to work normally.

Pillar with display shelves

This pillar has a lightbox and logo on it, which can promote your products well. In addition to publicity, there are display shelves on the pillars. There are led lights on the top of the display shelf to make the display window brighter.

Cosmetic Open-plan Shop Design

Cosmetic Shop Design

Cosmetic shops have relatively large stores. Different types of cosmetics have different classifications. There are many things we pay attention to when opening a cosmetics shop. For example, ceiling, wall decoration, display cabinet placement, etc.


The ceiling of this cosmetics shop is not decorated too much, it is full of small spotlights. But in order to make the whole shop more distinctive, LED lOGO was added to the ceiling.

makeup shop design

Wall Decoration,

There are led lightboxes on the walls of this shop. You can put your favorite posters or some popular posters. It is recommended to use a soft film lightbox, which makes it easier to replace the poster.

Secondly, there is also a very acrylic display on the wall. There are some light strips behind the acrylic back panel, which can make the entire acrylic panel glow. This will make the whole shop more bright.

There is also a corresponding logo on the wall, and we usually use acrylic to illuminate the logo.


A mirror is a must for a cosmetics shop. Because when girls try on cosmetics, they need a mirror to try on makeup. You can see this makeup mirror on the wall and a large makeup mirror on the display table. There will be mirrors on almost every display table.

shop layout

Cosmetic Display

The cosmetic Display Cabinet is made of MDF. And the surface we use baking paint. The display cabinet has four lightboxes for each line. From the third lightbox, we have the display stand to display the cosmetic product. At the bottom, we install the lightbox.

Wall Display Shelves

We will use acrylic as the main material. On the side of the acrylic, we will install the metal frame. The activities make the whole shop more eye-catching

Display table

It is usually be used in our cosmetic store. In general, it will have two sides to display the product, because it can save more space for the customer.

makeup display counter

How to Order?

  • Firstly, you need to contact our sales and tell us of all your needs. Then we can display all of your needs on the 3d design. Then you will see the whole effect and will know what it will look like.
  • Second, confirmed details and received the payment before produce
  • Third, quality testing
  • Finally, arrange the balance payment before shipping.

Package: we will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display stand. Then fix it with film. Then put the interior package into the wooden cabinet and seal it with nails.