Underwear shop design skills

In China, more than 40 percent of women of the right age wear bras. In this case, clothing store owners in the store design, must not be sloppy. When consumers enter the underwear store, only to see the simple underwear display and simple decoration is likely to be unable to arouse the interest of buying. About the underwear shop, to think about the layout and style is important. Appearance is the overall feeling of the store, sometimes reflecting the grade of the store, but also reflect the personality of the store. From the overall style, it can be divided into modern style and traditional style.

Most of the stores adopt modern style, which has an incentive effect on most consumers with a strong sense of the times. In today's developing society, the stores with modern style give people a kind of fresh feeling, which makes them harmonious and unified with the modern high-speed society, and also reflects the trend of clothing.

Skills and introduction of the underwear shop design

This is the door of the underwear shop. First, the door and window are all glass for customers can see the whole style of the shop. From this view, the underwear shop main hue is pink which is very proper for the girls and women. Every woman has a young girl heart. The logo sign is luminous at the top and middle in the door.

Skill for making logo sign: when a good store name, it is necessary to consider the sign. The design and installation of signboards must be novel, eye-catching, concise, beautiful and generous, and can attract the attention of customers. Because the name of the shop itself is a special meaning of advertising, so, in a general sense, the signboard set up the group, can make customers or pedestrians with a distance or more angles can be more clearly seen, the night should be matched with luminous signs.

On the left side, one big poster of the model who wears the underwear which looks very sexy and beautiful. On the right side, the mannequins wear the underwear too, which offer the effects of the underwear to customers. In addition, from the door, customers can see many underwear directly, they can have a view when they pass by the shop.

Skills for window design: first of all, to highlight the characteristics of the goods, and at the same time to make the window layout and product introduction in line with the general psychological behavior of consumers, that is, let consumers look after the sense of beauty, comfort, good feelings and yearning for the goods. A good window layout can not only introduce goods, guide consumption, promote sales, but also become a good art to attract passers-by in front of the store.

Shop window part of the overall decoration is not only the appearance, and is the first exhibition hall of the store, it is our mainly engage in the sale of goods, use opportunely scenery and props, decorated with background images for the foil, with the right lighting, colour and text, is a comprehensive advertising commodities introduction and propaganda art form.

Before entering the store, consumers have to browse the window intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, the design and publicity of the window have an important impact on consumers' buying emotions.

This part is the display area. The wall is designed into three arch form with shelves to display. One is for putting the display stand to show the underwear, the middle one is to show some accessories, such as the shoes, sunglasses, when customers buy the underwear they can also choose the accessories they like together. At the arch wall, there is the led lights to shine. The third one is to show the perfume and the silk stockings. In the shop middle, there are two big round stainless glass display stands to show the different underwear for customers to choose.

At the inside part, there are more pink border showcases stands to hang the sexy render underwear and there are the mannequins to show them. At the bottom, there are many shelves to put the bras.

The skills for putting display stands: The quality of the terminal display case is related to consumers' impression of the brand. First of all, the colors and shapes used in the product display cases should be in harmony with the concept of the brand; Secondly, it can better foil and render the product; Third, we should keep up with the trend and never go out of fashion.

The skills for fitting room design: fitting rooms are not big, but smart. To feel a brand, to try on the product, that time spent in the fitting room will be the key to a consumer's decision. Therefore, the planning of the fitting room should have good ventilation and fresh air. To prepare a place to hang clothes and some women's makeup supplies; There are also "guidelines" for wearing underwear; The color of wall and lamplight are also very important, want to let a woman feel warm, be like in oneself room same.

The skills for reception desk design: It is an important part of the whole store space. It is important to coordinate with the display cabinet, complement each other, and play a role in decorating the store and standardization. On the other hand, it can store data and facilitate checkout.

In a conclusion

There are many skills to make a design of the shop, to choose the best ways and style is important. Our Anti Display Limited can offer you the unique design according to your needs. We can talk more details about the shop design if you are interested in it.