For many female compatriots, cosmetics are a necessity in their daily lives. In this era, cosmetics shops have spread across all areas. Therefore, with such great competitiveness, we need to pay attention to interior decoration. Good interior decoration can attract more customers.

The quality of a makeup can also affect your mood throughout the day. Therefore, many people pay special attention to the quality and use of cosmetics. Only good cosmetics can have good makeup. But everyone's skin type is different, so many people choose the right cosmetics according to their skin type. This is also the reason why many beautiful women like to go to the store to choose cosmetics, because they can try the cosmetics themselves. A cosmetics shop can help you gain a lot of advantages. You can personally experience which cosmetics is suitable for you and choose a cosmetic that suits your skin.

There are 3 Notes to Open a Cosmetic Store

But opening a cosmetics store needs to face many problems. We need to pay attention to something 

Open Cosmetic Store Method

There are two main ways to open a cosmetics store. One is to open a cosmetics franchise chain store. The second is to open a store independently, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The mode of choosing a franchise is suitable for novices to start a business. If you have purchase channels and shop experience, you can choose to open a shop independently. You can choose different business models based on your own situation.

Compared with self-opening stores, franchised stores have a lower risk coefficient. The source of the franchise stores comes directly from the brand headquarters, eliminating the intermediate price difference. At the same time, there is no need to worry too much about fakes, parallel imports, and insufficient supply. However, the franchise stores only sell single-brand products authorized by the brand. If we choose to open our own stores, we will be more free in the choice of sources. Investors can choose to purchase products of multiple brands, and even one store can take care of skin care, cosmetics, toiletries, and daily necessities.

Business Model

If we want to open a successful cosmetics store, we need to understand the cosmetics market. There are many channels for consumers to buy cosmetics. They can choose to go abroad for shopping, online shopping, counter shopping, supermarket shopping and so on. In this area of physical store shopping, the biggest competitors of cosmetics stores are counters and supermarkets.

The cosmetics counter is a high-end business model, mainly to provide services for high-consumption groups. Supermarkets take the route of mass consumption, mainly choosing practical and affordable products to attract consumers. To open a cosmetics store to successfully operate, it needs to take a differentiated route. Only by making characteristics can we gain a firm foothold in the market. In many cosmetic stores, not only provide customers with various series of cosmetic products. At the same time, it will also provide customers with free trial, free eyebrow trimming, free makeup and other services.

makup store design


Make a Good Store Reputation

For this industry, word of mouth is very important. Only when the shop has a good reputation, will it attract more consumers. Because cosmetics are a consumer's long-term needs, maintaining an old customer can have long-term benefits. Not only do old customers come to the store for consumption, but they sometimes recommend their relatives and friends. This can also help customers retain demand. To make a good store reputation, it is not only necessary to eliminate fake and inferior products. It is also necessary to do a good job in store services, high-quality products and perfect services, in order to be recognized by consumers.

cosmetic store

Cosmetic Shop Design Analysis

When you enter the store, you can see 5 black lipstick display stands. And a mirror will be installed on each display cabinet, because installing a mirror will make it easier for customers to test colors. The shop also has a mirror counter dedicated to makeup. Because this is very suitable for recommending the right makeup to the customer, the right makeup will make the customer have the desire to buy. Next to the glass wall, there are also some glass cosmetic display which is also convenient for outside customers to visit. This layout can also attract some potential customers. For wall cabinet display, it can be used to display a lot of cosmetics. It can also help the store save a certain amount of space.

How to Order the cosmetic shop furniture from Ant Display?

Firstly, if you want to open a cosmetic shop. We suggest that you do a design about your shop cosmetic firstly. You can tell us what style of the cosmetic displays you want. And how many cosmetic display showcases do you want?  If you have the shop floor plan, you can send us. We have a professional design team. The designer will display all of your requirements on the design. Then you will know the shop it is whether you want?

After you confirm the design, then we will produce the watch shop according the design and construction drawings.

Before produce the shop furniture, please arrange the 50% deposit for production. After finish the shop furniture, please arrange the balance payment.