What do you think of the fact that there are not many customers in the perfume shop but can stick to it? That is the purchase of perfume or the sales process is very simple. Love is love through your own test. Love does not love, others say that no more will affect themselves, so the customer's residence time is relatively short. And the perfume market is also in the domestic exhibition period, the profit of perfume is quite considerable, so some perfume shops do not feel many people. However, some businesses may be doing some other products and services, but the main profitable products do invest in less expensive perfume.

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Perfume Retail Market Research

Nowadays, people love beauty, perfume is always loved by everyone. Different people choose a different perfume. The perfume will show their different charm. It is very popular. Now, many people want to innovate, do perfume shops make money? Luxe home DIY perfume shop is a strong, high-end brand, with a healthy fragrance and a good choice.

Popular Small Business Idea to Go

Such strength perfume products, with foreign technology, are reliable products and fashion brands. Luxe home products are worth choosing. The birds of a feather flock together. The brand DIY is a natural product of the theme of the natural fragrance. It combines the modern young people's individual needs and the perception of the fragrance culture and modulates the fragrance elements that can display their own personality, and shapes their own energy field. Nature attracts like attracts like.

With the upgrading of consumption, more and more minority and local perfume emerge, so perfume is no longer a category of the petty bourgeoisie or luxury goods. For the millennial generation, perfume has become a fashionable single character that shows individuality and shows its taste.

Huge Market with Rapid Update

According to the relevant data, the market value of the perfume market is up to about 40,000,0000,000 US dollars, and about more than 300 new products are listed annually. However, in the European and American markets, the perfume has slowed down or even declined. While China's market is still in the breeding stage, the retail sales of perfume have been increasing.

USA Perfume Market Analysis

It is understood that the USA population accounts for nearly 20% of the world's total population, but only owns 1% of the global perfume market. The huge market potential attracts the attention and input from the brand and channel businesses. This can also be seen from the actions of Estee Lauder, LVHM, Coty, and another global cosmetic giant who has been paying attention to the USA market.

At the same time, we can see that many cosmetics and cosmetics retailers are selling perfume. So what is the sales of perfume in cosmetics retail stores? How should a cosmetic retailer run perfume? Is it necessary to set up perfume categories?

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Are Perfume sales Matters in Whole Cosmetic Store?

According to statistics, more than 95% of cosmetics retail outlets are selling perfume. It seems that many shop owners smell business opportunities in World's perfume market. And the reasons for introducing perfume are basically three main points:

  • 1., training sales growth point;
  • 2. as a drainage product to attract young customers, and
  • 3. to sell together with cosmetics.

However, sniffing business opportunities is not equal to being able to catch business opportunities. Whether perfume is suitable for every market and suitable for every shop operation also requires specific analysis of specific problems.

Perfume Retail is a Profitable Business

Wang's boss, who is in London, said that in 2016, after redecorating the shop to upgrade the image, in order to attract young consumers, the perfume category was specially added, and a perfume wall was specially set up.

Considering the large span of consumption levels in the store, in terms of brand selection, high-end brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and low-end brands such as Goff and Meiden are sold, and the price band ranges from more than 20 to 1000 yuan. However, when asked about the sales situation, Wang shook his head. "Almost 3% of the total sales volume is less than that. Basically, there is no expectation of how much perfume can bring. We can only provide consumers' needs."

Hotseller in Costmetic Retail Store

The horse owner in Canada also introduced perfume in the store. "Considering that most of the customers in the shop are middle and low-end customers, they basically choose to introduce perfume that is priced between 30~200, and the brand is also dominated by niche brands, but sales are not good, only 1% of the total sales."

At the beginning of this year, Lee's boss, who was in Inner Mongolia, decided to adjust the category structure and make efforts to improve the sales of cosmetics. Considering that the make-up and perfume could form a joint sale with each other, they would put perfume and make-up together.

After a period of time, Li boss found that the sales of color cosmetics were higher and higher, but perfume did not improve. "Basically, they are part of the store and try to use the make-up, but customers will look at the perfume, but actually they don't buy many people. The number of people who come to the store to buy perfume is still a small number."

Perfume Should be A certain Category

Compared with the above two bosses, many shopkeepers think perfume is not mature in the retail channel of cosmetics, so it is only introduced as drainage products. Nearly 20 years in Australia, Liu boss specially placed the perfume cabinet near the window, magnified the brand LOGO such as "Dior" and "Chanel" to attract the passing customers into the store. However, it was found that the effect was not as good as the tidal products and explosive products at the door.

This shows that the development of perfume in retail channels is not optimistic. For most shops, it is better to display than sales.

Why perfume is so popular in the cosmetics retail store?

In this regard, we asked Ye Guang and an expert in terminal combat school. In his opinion, there are several reasons

First, when shops introduce perfume, they do not do detailed research on their skincare and cosmetics customers, resulting in too much perfume price and skincare and cosmetics customers' prices. It is common that when stores locate mass consumption, they can only make low and end on sale special brand perfume, which can not bring considerable sales to share to the shops.

Secondly, for cosmetics retail shops, the peak season for perfume sales is mainly for summer or make-up sales, followed by holidays suitable for gifts, such as Valentine's day, double eleven, Christmas, Spring Festival, and so on. However, these so-called "peak seasons" have little impact on the low consumption and low color cosmetics market.

Therefore, in the view of Ye Guang, a low price shop can choose to operate domestic perfume, or lower the price of perfume, or choose to give up the perfume. At the same time, he also suggested that some shops with relatively good perfume awareness or make-up can consider introducing nail polish, and sales will be relatively good.

Thirdly, Besides, despite the large market space, Canada's consumers' awareness of perfume consumption is still at an early stage, while at the county level, the consumption of perfume is limited.

Fourthly. Of course, as far as the brand level is concerned, due to the weakness of technology and lack of fashion culture, most local perfume brands can not become the mainstream of the perfume category, which makes the main market share of domestic perfume products still occupied by international perfume brands.

Finally, Therefore, even if some consumers have a sense of perfume consumption, most will choose strong international brands such as Chanel and Dior. As a result, department stores and other sales channels or overseas purchasing will become the main way to buy perfume.

Perfume Shop Counter

How to runs the perfumes and cosmetics retail store?

So, what kind of shops can run perfume products well? It is to say that the most famous perfume in the cosmetics retail channel is Dior. It is understood that Dior is a small number of perfume sales accounted for more than 10% of the shops. Zhu Hucheng, general manager of Ant cosmetics Co., Ltd., once said that Chanel has always attached great importance to fragrance. Chanel strives to improve in terms of brand selection and personnel professional training.

Make a Brand Image

For example, Dior, Chanel, BOS, Prada, Chanel, Boboli, and other perfume brands, which are very matched by the high-end pure import store location, coupled with many years of conscious cultivation of consumers' consciousness, can make such a performance.

At the same time, the professional image Chanel has been building has also played a role in promoting. Entering any beauty shop, its perfume display image, and BA's familiarity with the perfume brand and professional knowledge are not lost to the shops of the silk lotus or the shopping mall. This is also an important reason why consumers love to buy perfume in Dior.

Use Attractive Display Racks

In addition, Paris, which is the main business of perfume, has been featured by the beautiful home. Its overall image is very personalized and fashionable. It also pays close attention to perfume display fixtures. On the one hand, the product is spread on a wooden desktop to facilitate customers to use it. On the other hand, the price tag is specially designed to prevent the price tag from destroying the beauty of the bottle.

Professional Service

In terms of service expertise, the Canadas and the United States also pay close attention to details: there must be a pair of white gloves at the corner of the table. When the shop assistants or customers take perfume, they can wear them to avoid fingerprints sticking to the bottle. In addition, considering that customers will reduce their olfactory sensitivity after smelling many kinds of flavors, the shop also prepared coffee beans to help them recover their olfactory sensitivity.

Reasonable Price with Good Customer Support

Generally speaking, shops that run perfume in retail channels are still very rare. These shops are either high customer price, or personalized fashion shops, and then there are shops with considerable sales of color makeup. In contrast, most of the popular shops, whether shop display image or professional degree, can not make the development of the perfume category in the store reach a mature stage. Some details of perfume management such as Dior and Mei you shop can be used as reference and reference.

Start a Perfume Kiosk is a Profitable Business

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account various factors in the cosmetics retail channel. We should consider both the local market and the consumer situation, and also consider the location and actual operation of the store. Otherwise, "perfume growth can be expected" is always only a flower in the water mirror.

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