Cosmetics include beauty products, skin care products and toiletries. People pay more and more attention to skin care and appearance, so people's demand for cosmetics is increasing, and the number of people who use cosmetics is also expanding. So there are more and more cosmetic shop are emerging on the market. More and more cosmetics shops sell cosmetics and also provide customers with services such as facial care, hairdressing, and beauty. So if you want to open a cosmetic shop, we need to do a good decoration.

How to decorate the cosmetics shop?

In the cosmetics shop how to decorate this problem, practical decoration is essential cosmetics shop. If the your cosmetic products are expensive, but your shop decoration is simple. It will not make the customer feel trusted, and will reduce the whole shop sales. Cosmetics shop decoration is the facade of cosmetics, to let others believe your taste. Only we are willing to spend, then we will got the good decoration earn more the customer’s trust. If you sell high-end cosmetics in your store, then we should choose high-end decoration. If it is medium and low grade cosmetics, simple decoration can be.


At present, there are many kinds of cosmetics on the market, which makes it difficult for customers to choose. If cosmetics are placed in disorder and disorder, it will not only affect the sales staff, but also affect the choice of customers. This will affect the sale of cosmetics to some extent. If the cosmetics although many but do not lose the order, look neat and orderly, so convenient for customers to buy. In this way, it will also attract customers to the store for consumption.


Cosmetic shop decoration to grasp the use of good space and beautification, in the decoration of the time to highlight the storefront sense of space. Pay attention to the distance between the decorative surface and the mirror, do not overcrowd, to provide a good space environment. The color that can use a few light color attuned and material undertake collocation, increase the space sense of the storefront on the vision, let storefront look more whole, beautiful.

3.Decoration Style

With the change of season, the kind of cosmetic can undertake change, and the decorate style of cosmetic store nature also should undertake change. Store colors vary from season to season. In spring, everything comes back to life, and the hopeful green is a common color in stores. In the hot summer months, crisp blue is a good store choice. In the cold winter temperatures, the fiery red can bring warmth and warmth. Cosmetics stores should change colors according to seasonal changes, bringing people surprises all the time.


Publicity is an important means to improve the popularity of cosmetics stores and attract customers. In cosmetic shop decorate, want to make full use of the advertisement publicity effect of light box and metope publicity effect. Put up posters in the storefront to popularize the knowledge of cosmetics. It can not only leave a deep impression on customers, but also achieve publicity effect to a certain extent.

5.How to choose a topic

Before decorating a cosmetics store, determine the consumer group of cosmetics. We can decorate the cosmetics shop according to the customer's age and consumption level. If the consumer group of cosmetics store is mainly white collars, then the store can choose a quiet, comfortable style. If it is a student, then lovely style will be suitable. We have to position our brand. Our products must conform to the consumption of specific consumer groups, so as to increase good impression for our customer.

Cosmetic shop decoration seems simple, but very complex. In the cosmetics shop how to decorate this problem, the most important thing is to highlight the characteristics of the cosmetics shop. The decoration of our shop should have its own style and highlight the theme of our shop. At the same time, the level of decoration should conform to the consumer's consumption psychology, so that customers are willing to spend in your shop.

Before we decorate the shop, we need to do the shop design. The you can decorate the shop based on the design.

Cosmetic Shop Layout 

This shop used dark purple with white color,whole shop looks very high-end.when you enter the shop, you will see some white display cabinets with shelves, then left area are 3 makeup stations with lighted mirrors, near the stations have shelves and cabinets, for display and storage. Right side have two hair stations. Middle is a chatting area. Then keep go inside you will find some Hexagon display stands and cash counter. The back are two facial rooms. Do you like this kind beauty shop design?

cosmetic shop design

Some detailes

  • Basic Material: MDF
  • Finish: white, purple, black baking paint finish, white stone countertop
  • Hardware: Slider, Hinge, Handle, Lock & Key etc
  • Accessories: 3D illuminated logo, led light, light boxes
  • Package: EPE Form Inside + Bubble Film + Corner protection + 12mm Plywood box
  • Many customers have no idea how is the progress to start the beauty shop project. 

Here i want to share you the progress:

  • Firstly, you need check your shop size, you want what color theme,how to layout, inside need put what items etc
  • Second, you need find a professional design team, tell them your needs then ask they help create a design plan for you
  • Third, you need find a professional supplier to help you build the shop furniture for you.
  • Finally, after production finished then can arrange shipping