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Functional 15ft by 10ft cosmetic display kiosk makeup products studio in mall

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Beautiful design for cosmetic kiosk | retail mall booth for sale

Customized Cosmetic Kiosk to Display Lipstick & Makeup Display Counter in Retail Store for Sale

Customized Retail Cosmetic Kiosk for Sale

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How important is a lipstick to a girl? Girls are as obsessed with lipstick as boys are when they play games. Lipstick is a basic item necessary for makeup. The eyeshadows haven't changed much, but as long as you put on a lipstick, the whole person's mental appearance will immediately change. Even if the face is usually haggard, and the face is up to the sky, as long as the bright color is smeared, it will immediately shine and burst into vitality, making the entire makeup delicate and moving.

Customized Lipstick Kiosk for Sale

The color of this lipstick kiosk is red and black, mainly black. Then the kiosk LOGO is mainly red. The four corners are all light box displays, one of which is relatively high compared to the other three. This design will make the whole kiosk more design-conscious and attract more customers.

Size 10x12feet Material MDF
Surface baking paint Color black
Style Modern design Glass 8mm clear tempered glass
Hardware stainless steel handle Others luminous logo, light box, lock


The Process of Ordering the Cosmetic Kiosk

  1. You need to contact our us to discuss your specific requirement about the cosmetic kiosk( the size, style, the color,layout...)
  2. We have professional design team, and can do the design of the cosmetic kiosk according your needs(300 USD design deposit. But when you confirm the order, it will be refunded to your deposit)
  3. We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
  4. 50% as a production deposit .
  5. We start to produce the kiosk after we receive the deposit.
  6. Quality inspection.
  7. we have finished and installed the kiosk in our factory, you need arrange the 50% balance.
  8. Pack it
  9. Arrange shipping for you.



Design time: the first design will take 3-5working days.

The production time: it will take 22-25working days.

The shipping time: it depends on the airport and port.


We will install the cosmetic kiosk in our factory and then pack it divided into a few parts for convenient shipping. When you receive the cosmetic kiosk, connect the wires together. The cosmetic kiosk can work.


More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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