Pharmacy interior design

The pharmacy shop is important in people’s daily life. Most consumers buy medicines for common ailments such as colds and fevers. It is because they want to avoid the trouble of waiting in line at the hospital that they go to community pharmacies to buy medicines by themselves.Therefore, it is best for drugstore clerks to conduct professional pathological knowledge training before taking up their posts, and recommend appropriate drugs according to customers' symptoms, which can not only help customers solve minor ailments, but also get a good reputation. 

In order to leave a good professional impression on customers, drugstores should be decorated simply and brightly. Therefore, when looking inside from the door, the drugstore shelves will be orderly and orderly. The types of drugs will be greatly marked by the billboards or gantry frames on the drugstore shelves. The overall display is transparent and does not hinder the sight of customers. "Basic light color + corporate color" is used for decoration, which is simple and lively, giving customers a good feeling of clean environment in the store.

Description of the pharmacy design

The style of the this pharmacy is simple and bright. Left side is the wall glass display stand with many shelves to show different medicines, and the back wall is the led light to shine the medicine, which can bright the first impression to people. On the right side, the wall is the display shelves too to show other medicines. At the bottom, there are the wood cabinets to storage the medicine to offer when some medicines are sold out on the display shelves. One wood counter with the cabinets is in front of the right display shelves, the counter also can storage. One display cabinet 4 shelves in the middle of the counter, which can show some goods too.

At the middle of the pharmacy, there is one station with a display pillar with the shelves are made of white baking paint, and the pillar shows some books, which is one decoration of the pharmacy. Customers can sit at the station and choose the books which they are interested in, not only can have a short rest but also can learn about some knowledge about the medicine. There is one big lamp is designed at the top of the station, and many small lights are around it and fill all with the pharmacy. It is a good design here. At the top of the wall display stand, there are many words signs made in black. And one sign are colorful for the children, because there is one place is for the children. It is a blackboard for the children to spell or draw something at it. One small table and chairs are colorful for the children to sit. Adults with children can feel comfortable in such beautiful pharmacy.

This one part is for the reception desk. The reception desk is also made of the wood with the white baking paint. Two stools are in front of the cash register. Customers will pay for the medicine at the cash register here. Cashier desk is the key area. If the area of small drugstore is limited and the cashier area should not be too small, the combined multifunctional cashier desk of drugstore is also selected, equipped with small front shelves and shelves to facilitate the display of some small goods and increase the revenue of drugstore. There are the wall decoration for the this small room, and there are many beautiful decorations on the shelves to show to customers, and make the pharmacy much nice. In addition, the wall behind the pharmacy cashier can also be used as advertising space to focus on the layout.  Some small square lamps on the ceiling.

To be successful in drugstore operation, it is not enough to rely only on correct business strategy, but also on clever decoration design. A good pharmacy design can not only improve the overall image of the pharmacy, but also bring more comfortable shopping experience to customers, and gain customers' goodwill and trust. 

3D design of the pharmacy

Anti Display Limited can offer you the whole design of the pharmacy including the interior wall design, display shelves, cash register desk and the design of the door head and son on. We can offer you the suggestions and also customize it according to your requirements or any thoughts. The design can show the layout and decorations, and you can also know all details from the technology drawing. The design can allow to make the modification when you see the initial design. Good drugstores cannot be separated from good design, which can not be ignored no matter it is brand chain drugstores or small monomer drugstores, because it is related to the overall operation of drugstores. Please contact us for learning about more details.