pharmacy design

Pharmacy is an important part everywhere. It can offer medicine to people to help their health or relieve the pain of sickness. It is a first aid station in people’s life. A good design of the pharmacy interior decoration is important too. You need many shelves and display counters, showcase to display much different functional medicine catalogs. Then customers and your staff can recognize them easily. Anti Display Limited can customize one for you according to your store size. We are a professional factory to produce the furniture, commercial kiosk and store interior design for customers. No matter your ideas are strange or new, we can make them realize.

The layout of the pharmacy design

The main color of this pharmacy is white and blue, which match well. The color offers a comfortable feeling to people. From this side, it is a cash register counter with led blue light. Two computers are on it. There are still many cabinets on the counter. It is multi-functional. There are the glass display shelves on the pillars to display some medicines also. Around the wall are all shelves to display the medicines. On the shelves tops, some signs of the catalog to show the difference to customers. Some wood as the decoration on the pillars and top. With the small counters below the pillars with a computer, people can check some medicines through here. It is very convenient for customers.

Display shelves

The whole layout of the pharmacy is the display shelves around the wall. The background is white, and the shelves are tempered glass. It is enough tough to hold the medicines. There is a total of 6 layers. Every layout can be put in many medical products. About the shelves, if you have requirements of the design.

Cash Register Counter

The cash register counter-style will be fit the store theme, which also plays an important role. The counter is straight. There are shapes of the cash register counter, such as L shape, C shape, Curved shape, U shape, and special shape. It can be customized base on your ideas and vision. The pharmacy staff can service the customers from here. You can also put some common medical products on the counter, such as bandages and others. About the cabinets of the counter, you can put some bags and other files of the store inside them. It has so much space for the staff to work.

Lights Choice

The lights of the pharmacy are simple, they are LED. And some are designed on each shelf top to shine the products to people. At the ceiling, they are some small round led lights, which are simple decoration and save power. Due to it is the pharmacy, the whole style is simple but modern. People like this style.


The design of one pharmacy

When you are planning to build a store or take over one store, you want to make the interior design please contact us to talk details. Then please show us your floor plan to see the size. When you have the ideas of the layout, it is good for us to make the design for you. If you have no ideas, we can offer you suggestions also. The design fee will depend on the size of your store, it will be around $500-800. The design fee can be deducted from the total order amount. So please don’t worry about the design. The design will be changed for you when you don’t like someplace or want to add some special ideas. I will integrate your all ideas with our designer, then he will make the new one for you at any time. The design includes 3D design effect pictures, floor plans, and CAD drawings. You can know all details.

Production process

Before production, the details should be confirmed by your side, the payment deposit should be got by our side. Then the production can be arranged for you. It is a business step. During the production, we will use the material to build high-quality items for you, and take some pictures and videos to you to check the process. When the furniture is finished, please arrange the payment balance and shipping cost. Then the goods can be shipped to you.

In conclusion

The pharmacy design is very beautiful and modern. It has many display functions to show the medical products to customers. The most important is that the pharmacy with good interior design and get the high-quality decoration furniture and display shelves, counters completely. Then the pharmacy business can go well smoothly. Our Anti Display Limited can offer the best service and pharmacy furniture to you. To get the interior design you want, which will make you happy and business get big profits.