Everyone can't avoid being ill. And drugs are what everyone needs, so the pharmaceutical market is certainly an unfailing market. Judging from the speed and level of our country's economic development, the overall demand for drugs will only continue to rise. At the same time, with the improvement of people's income and the increasing demand for the quality of life, health care now occupies a great demand in people's life. If you want to start a business in this field, what should you do? In this article, we will tell you more about the idea of opening a pharmacy. Hope you can get some ideas from here.

Pharmacy store design

To succeed in drugstore operations, it is not enough to rely on correct business strategies, and a good pharmacy design is indispensable. A good pharmacy design can not only enhance the overall image of the pharmacy but also provide customers with a more comfortable shopping experience and gain the goodwill and trust of customers. Today we want to share with you a pharmacy store we shipped to Djibouti.


The design of the pharmacy storefront

The storefront of the pharmacy shop is the first place that customers pay attention to before entering the store, so the pharmacy design of the storefront must be paid attention to. Not only must it be concise and clean, but also conspicuous enough to allow the passing crowd to notice the existence of a pharmacy here, so as to bring more customers to the pharmacy.

Feedback pic 1Feedback pic2



The design of the pharmacy window

A pharmacy window is a good place for publicity, which can effectively attract the attention of passing customers. Therefore, when arranging the window, you must be able to fully display the overall atmosphere of the pharmacy, show the internal environment of the pharmacy. And post some simple and generous promotional posters to attract everyone's attention.


The interior design of the pharmacy store

The walls and ceilings inside the pharmacy are generally white, which is more clean and tidy, in line with the image of the pharmacy itself. If you think the white is too dull, you can also use some light green and light gray to embellish it, which not only shows vitality but also is more stable and reliable.

For this pharmacy store, we use white, green plus a little wooden color for the whole shop. The whole effect is suitable for the pharmacy and good looking.

Pharmacy store fixture


Cashier area

The cashier desk is the key area. For this pharmacy store, the front part we have 4 small cashier desks and with some glass display showcases. This cashier area can have some area like this, convenient display of some small goods, increase the revenue of drugstores.

The round shape counter is a room for the accountant. As the customer told us their country have many thieves so we make this area can be closed with the glass window.

Cashier counter


Wall display shelf

In addition to the cashier counter and the glass display showcase, the pharmacy wall display shelves are also the focus of interior decoration design. First of all, when we design the wall display shelves, we need to consider the size of the back wall and arrange the size and quantity of the pharmacy store display showcase for the back wall. Secondly, in the selection of color, it should also match with the pharmacy store decoration.

On the back wall of this pharmacy store, we have two kinds of wall display showcases. The big one is an arc shape top with 2 spotlights, removable shelves and a storage cabinet on the bottom. The removable shelf can for you to adjust the height of the shelf according to the size of your products. Another small one is the display shelf with the middle small wooden cabinet and the bottom with a small drawer.

Wall display cabinet

Glass display pillar

On the right side wall of the pharmacy store, it has a glass display pillar, this unit can display some small products.

Display pillar


The material of the pharmacy store:

The basic material of this pharmacy store is MDF and the surface finish is white color baking paint, green color baking paint and wooden veneer. For the glass, we use 8mm tempered glass. We will install all the lights and for the cashier desks, we will install the sockets for them. And for the electricity, we will leave the wires for you to connect to the store power supply.


The packing of the pharmacy store furniture:

We will pack the pharmacy store display furniture each one in a package. Before we pack the pharmacy store display showcase, we will clean them first. And then, we will use the foam to cover all the corners and the film to wrap up the whole part. Finally, we will put them inside a strong wooden box.



How to customize a pharmacy store design?

We are a customized factory with our own engineer team and design team. Our design team can make a new 3d design for your pharmacy store. Please send us if you have the floor plan of the pharmacy store or any other requirement like the logo, the favorite store design and so on.

For the customize 3d design of the pharmacy shop, we will charge a 500-1000$ design deposit. The exact cost based on the size of your pharmacy shop. Our design team will make the store design according to your requirement. If you don’t have any idea, our design team will arrange the layout for you. We will send the 3d design of the pharmacy shop to you within 3-5 working days. And if need any changes for the design of the pharmacy store, our designer will make it for you. After you confirm the final 3d design of the pharmacy shop, we will make a full construction drawing for you to check all the details. The details of the construction drawing include the size, the color, the material, floor plan and electric plan.