Retail Display design is crucial to the sales of a pharmacy because the quality of the display will leave the first impression on the customer, which is determined whether the customer can enter the store for the second time. If the display fixtures are not qualified, the product will not be right displayed. Consumers will never discover the right products or have a bad shopping experience!

How to decoration the pharmacy with shelving store fixtures? Below, Ant Display tells you the top 5 tips on how to arrange an excellent retail shelving display in pharmacies!

1. Find the right display location.

Every store has popular and unpopular areas. Make good use of popular areas and fully excavate undesirable places to make full use of the store's space. This kind of display is qualified.

According to expert research, customers usually choose the products on the right-hand side after entering the door. Therefore, the first promotion counter at the entrance must be located on the right side of the door. The first drugstore shelf displays some main products on the right side. It is easier to increase the purchase rate.

Pay more attention to Some main-pass places, such as near the checkout counter, best-lighted places, near the door, or on the end shelf. These are the most easily noticeable locations for customers.


The editor of Fashion Shelves reminds you: Only by finding the right display position can we effectively increase the sales of products.

2. Using right pharmacy shelves to display

After years of development, pharmacy shelves have become more and more beautiful and generous. Not only that, but the functions of pharmacy shelves have become more and more abundant, with a variety of laminates matching different display styles and a variety of accessories Form a variety of display effects.

Pharmacy shelves are divided into single-sided shelves, Nakajima shelves, promotional shelves, etc. Making full use of the pharmacy shelves can enhance the display effect of products.

Products are displayed on the shelves of pharmacies and can be arranged vertically and horizontally. When displaying, we must allow multiple display surfaces of the products to be stated in front of customers. The multi-faceted display can significantly increase the sales of goods.

3. Use creative display and improve product exposure.

Personalized product display can often attract customers to watch and generate purchase intention. Usually, pharmacies can carry out creative product display during promotion, which can effectively improve the effectiveness of advertising.

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4. The display can be full but don't crowd

Pay attention to the overall display of a pharmacy. It must achieve the effect of the full display fixtures. If the store has space and too few products, it will leave a wrong impression on customers. More product types and more decadent product choices will stimulate customers' enthusiasm for buying.

The premise of the full display is not to make the store appear crowded. Adequate display arrangements require calculations during regional planning and space planning. The aisle must exceed 80cm, and the height of the Nakajima shelf should not be too high. It is better to reach 1350mm. Because the average size of the human body is about 170cm, if the Nakajima shelf is too high, it will block the real line of sight of customers and make the entire store appear very depressed.

5. Keep the pharmacy clean

No matter how great the pharmacy display design is done, if the shop cannot be kept clean and tidy, the shop will eventually fail.

As a service-type place, pharmacies must maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Only by providing customers with a clean and hygienic shopping environment and enthusiastic and professional services can customers leave a good impression and form the possibility of second shopping.

The pharmacy display is a very complicated subject, so you should not be careless. If you are new to the industry, you can consult a professional pharmacy design company.

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