Bubble Tea Shop Kiosk Bar Counter Layout

Bubble tea is generally popular now, and most people will start a business by opening a bubble tea shop. As we know, different designs of shops have different effects. Today I want to introduce the latest bubble tea shop design, let us see more details together as below.

Layout Description

From the pictures, we can know that the main colors of the store are white, brown and so on, which look fashionable and beautiful. The counter is L-shaped, the structure is universal and safe to use. And the logo is added on both sides of the counter to display the brand name and deepen people’s impression. The stainless steel kicking with LED light strips at the bottom looks more attractive. The wall side is made of ceramic tiles, two wooden shelves are fixed to store things, and 4 advertising machines show products and services. The decoration of spotlights and chandeliers makes this bar counter look better.

Top Display In Bubble Tea Store

For display furniture, we should consider the style of the whole store. We can see from the picture that most of the tables and stools are wood color, a few are green, which look natural and fresh. We are a custom factory, we support customizing any color and shape you want, and make new designs according to your ideas.

unique bubble tea shop design

Store interior style

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the right feeling and experience. The interior decoration in the milk tea is very important. Everyone goes to drink bubble tea to relax and release pressure, so the design in the shop should be simple and bright, which can give people a good impression.

bubble tea shop ideas

Wall decoration

The wall decoration is adding a wave panel and an acrylic luminous logo, which will make people feel relaxed and comfortable. For the wall design, we suggest focusing on a simple style, too much decoration will make people feel visual fatigue. The wall inside can be designed in black with luminous acrylic, and a mirror is installed in the middle to make it look more unique.


bubble tea store design

Seating area

We can arrange tables and chairs according to the different positions. Generally, tables and stools are 2-3 people, and sofas are 3-4 people. If you put some high stools, usually 4-6 people. Each position should leave enough space to avoid congestion.

Bubble Tea Store Bar Counter design


The basic materials are MDF and baking varnish, and the countertop material is artificial stone, its color and surface are glossy, and the stainless steel skirting is equipped with LED light strips, which is very attractive. The material of the stool and chair is solid wood, it can be used for a long time, scratch and abrasion resistance, it is very good to build high-quality furniture. Other materials have an acrylic luminous logos, spotlights, and so on.

bird view bubble tea store


For equipment, we all know that bubble tea shops need different machines, such as refrigerators, juice machines, etc., We are a customized factory. and can provide them. We can leave enough space to put differently the machines, and our designer will add the machine in design so that you can see the whole effect and confirm these details

The importance of doing 3D design

The first step is to do the 3D design of the store. You need the new design to see the whole layout of the store, such as counters, colors and seating areas, etc. At the same time, it allows you to see the whole effect and confirm the details. Our company has a professional design team, there will be more than 4 designers responsible for the new design, to ensure that it is unique and perfect.