Nowadays, people's living standards have generally been greatly improved, and there is more and more concern and pursuit of health. In this market environment, small pharmacies and large pharmacies are opening more and more. But there are huge business opportunities and huge competitive pressure. In the face of many rivals, if we want to stand out, then we need good decoration conditions. A restaurant that makes the decoration and layout of the shop more attractive to customers.

Tips On Design & Decorate a Pharmacy

Pharmacy design is the most important step when starting builds a pharmacy. Only you have a functional and efficient pharmacy design can you finalize a perfect store. For many medicine shop and drug store decorations. We should focus on the following 5 basic aspects. 

Pharmacy interior design

A professional and reliable image

Good design can speak, and a successful pharmacy design can promote the image of the pharmacy. This requires that the decoration design of pharmacies must be innovative and conform to the aesthetics of modern people. It is also necessary to ensure that it is clean, bright, and has a reasonable layout to demonstrate the professional and rigorous shape of the pharmacy and to make customers trust.

Realizable design

The final trend of the design can be truly implemented in the decoration of the pharmacy. Therefore, a successful pharmacy design must be complete and unified. It is not only a gorgeous 3D renderings but also includes specific decoration instructions. Planning of the number and size of shelves and counters, treatment of pillars in the store, treatment of glass exterior walls, etc.

Design in the details

Pharmacies are different from other stores in that they have special regulations in many details. This requires people who design pharmacies not only to understand design aesthetics but also to understand the specifications of pharmacy operations and drug sales. For example, the regulations on the area of pharmacies, the scope of items that can be operated, and the design requirements for prescription areas.

pharmacy store fixtures

Design that can accommodate and classify drugstore products

With the development of the retail industry, stores that only operate a single product are gradually eliminated. People need a one-stop shopping place, and so do pharmacies. With the medical reform, pharmaceutical profits have fallen sharply. Therefore, many pharmacies not only operate prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, health care products, medical equipment, etc. but also add cosmetics, medical experience, health management, and other items.

A good pharmacy design must be able to accommodate and distinguish different commodities, and truly flexibly use functional areas. This allows customers to understand the overall functions of the pharmacy the first time they enter the pharmacy. This is very convenient for customers to choose and purchase.

Can increase the design of customer stay time

The pharmacy layout design affects the time spent by customers. There are two criteria for a successful store layout: 1. Let customers freely choose to buy; 2. Customers can pay attention to different products every time they choose. With these two points, the pharmacy design can be called practical, so how should it be designed?

  1. Put the three types of medicines that are not easily acceptable prices, require shopping guide recommendations, and buy with prescriptions in the most remote locations of pharmacies.
  2. Do a good job in the design of the door of the pharmacy, and pay attention to the partition design of the internal layout. Let customers know your business scope at the door, and also have a clear view of the store environment, which increases the attractiveness of the pharmacy.
  3. Do a good job of designing pharmacies' movement lines. Allow customers to pass through as many areas in the pharmacy as possible to attract customers to purchase.

pharmacy design

Decoration Materials

The choice of drug store decoration materials is actually very particular and requires skill. The first is to compare, you can choose your own decoration materials. The second is to correctly choose decorative materials to increase the artistic expression and texture of the shop. When dealing with texture, the balance should be considered.

  1. Decoration materials for the drug store floor: ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles are the most durable materials on the floor because the surface is hard and smooth, this material is used in general storefronts. Wood flooring is generally used in high-end storefronts. This material has an appropriate elasticity and beautiful texture. It is a good floor decoration material.
  2. Decoration materials for drug store ceilings: Wooden ceilings are easy to process and light in the material. This kind of ceiling decoration is more suitable for small and medium-sized stores. Its shape is generally long and narrow and mostly large. Gypsum board ceiling-the gypsum surface is flat and convex and concave. It is a good material for lamps and lanterns. Metal plate ceiling canopy, a Metal plate ceiling canopy is a decorative material used in gorgeous storefronts. It has a variety of shapes and varieties, but the price is more expensive.
  3. Drug Store wall material: Wooden wall material is a kind of material for high-end wall decoration, generally this kind of surface texture is better. Generally used in the decoration of the wall surface, the general paint is a good choice for color matching in decoration.

pharmacy shelving

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