Pharmacy interior design

A new store needs a good interior design. If you are starting a medicine store to do the business, are you looking for a designer and furniture suppliers to make a design for your store? As we know, It is necessary. The store design needs to fit the things you will sell. Any goods has their relevant design. So about the pharmacy design, let’s learn about one first. Then you have some ideas about your store.

The classic design of the pharmacy

As we see the following pictures, we can know the style of the pharmacy is concise, classic, because the decoration use many solid wood. There are many areas of the store, different area with different design to display different products. There are display shelves against the wall, and display racks and cabinets in the middle. One round gray stool for customers to have a rest. Every display area with the spotlight on the top, which can enhance the display effects and make the pharmacy look more better. Some green plants are put inside the pharmacy as decoration. It gives the drugstore an atmosphere. Another area is small room for the medical workers to make experiment and picking the medicines. Inside the small room, there is also with simple design. There are wall shelves for the staff to work when they match the medicine for customers. Another room area is designed all shelves with spotlights. This area is very big and enough to display the products. Customers can see so many medicines on the shelves. This shelves will be with different signs for stall to find the medicine to customers conveniently. One counter is made of marble, this material is very good and smooth, it is easy to clean and waterproof. The whole pharmacy made of the wood decoration, which looks very high-end and durable.

Material introduction

About the material, if you have the requirements of it, we can also meet your needs. Our basic material of wood is MDF, plywood and solid wood. Some design will relevant material. The materials will be chosen properly according to the whole design of the pharmacy. Our material is standard, which is It is non-toxic, pollution-free and odorless. Base on the design, we can offer accessories including locks,handles, LED lights, spotlight and so on. About the glass decoration, they are tempered glass, and it is no easy to broken, it is very hard for holding the products. There are many uses of the tempered glass. About the acrylic, it can be logo and light box. We can customize your brand and your logo or light box by acrylic with different types to show what you want show. The logo can be luminous, neon lights, hollow out and so on.

How to get the store design?

When you offer us your floor plan or your store size, our designer can offer you a design base on your favorite style or ideas, we can also offer you some suggestions on it if you don’t know how to design. We will send your some styles we made for our customers, and you can choose the style you like, or we can make a unique style for you. Normally, the design fee is according to your size. But please know that we will return the design fee to you when you place the order from us. So it is free design for you. The design can be changed when you have some new ideas. We are patient to listen to your suggestions on the design and learn about your ideas to make the design better. Our aim is to offer you the nice design and want to build a good business relationship with you. The design time is about 3-5 working days, then we will offer you the initial design for a look. At this time, you can talk about your ideas with us.

How is the payment?

When we quote according to the design for you, please arrange 50% deposit first, then we can start to arrange the production for you. 50% balance and shipping cost will be paid by you before we ship the goods to you. We have many methods for you to pay for the fee of the order, such as TT account, West Union, Paypal, and Alibaba Trade Assurance and so on.

In conclusion

This pharmacy is really different from others, because it is high-end style with the wood decoration. So many areas for displaying the medical products. The real pharmacy is from the design and production to get the high quality goods to decorate the store.


The design fee:$500-800

The design time: 3-5 working days

Production time: 22-25 working days, which according to the size and design

Shipping: about 25-30 days.