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The pharmacies we usually see are mostly white. This color is also in line with the style of pharmacies, but all white is too monotonous. At this time, we can add another color appropriately, which can make our shop more vivid and beautiful. The colors of our pharmacy are mainly reflected in our furniture. The main component of the pharmacy is our display furniture. So it is very important when choosing a display cabinet.

Although pharmacies do not require beautiful decoration and style than clothing stores, medicine is more sensitive to people. It is about the health of our bodies. Our pharmacy needs to be professional and clean. So that customers are willing to come in. For the floor and wall decoration of the pharmacy, you can ask local workers for help, but as for the display cabinet, you can buy it here with complete confidence. Today I will introduce to you a high wall display shelves in a pharmacy.

Production Description

From the design drawing, we can see the shape and color matching of this cabinet. There are a total of 6 layers in the middle. We installed AA columns on the cabinet, which means that the height and spacing of the shelves can be changed, and we can place our shelves according to where we want to place them. There are two spotlights on the top, and two drawers below, which can be used to store inventory. Our skirting material is made of stainless steel, which is very safe and strong.

pharmacy cabinet

Size: 1500x450x2230mm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Light: LED spotlight

Production time: About 15 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Production Process

We have our own factory, and our furniture is all handmade. After you place the order, we will submit the order to our factory. Our workers have more than 6 years of service. Their technology and detailed handling are very good. We will first fix our baseboard and make the shape of the cabinet. Then sanding, applying primer, and finally baking. The baking varnish is a very common and widely used surface treatment process. After we spray the color, we need to bake it at a high temperature and let it stand for a while. Then install spotlights, transformers, AA columns, drawers, locks. This cabinet is complete. It is made of many processes, and this process takes about 10 days. 

Pharmacy Store Furniture

The furniture in the pharmacy is not single, so the display furniture in the store is rarely the same. Because different products need different furniture to display. There are many types of tablets, and we can consider many different display cases. The one I introduced today is just the same. We also have some low glass cabinets or other tall wall cabinets. Since all our furniture is designed by our designer, its shape, color, and size are not fixed. If we also want to order some furniture for our pharmacy, we can design it first. In this way, we can accurately purchase the furniture we have confirmed. And we can also keep the color of all furniture consistent.

hot sale cabinet

How do you pack these display furniture?

The inner packaging of all our furniture is pearl cotton and stretch film, and the outer packaging is a wooden box, which is very strong and safe.

furniture packaging

What's your shipping cost?

Our freight depends on your country and the volume of the cargo. The freight includes customs clearance and all data costs at our port as well as the ocean freight to your port. But it does not include the cost of your port.

What is the shipping time?

It’s about 20 days to Australia, 35 days to the United States and Ireland, and about a month to other countries. Different countries have different shipping times, and sometimes they are also affected by your country's customs, depending on the actual situation.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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