The rational layout of the pharmacy in the decoration design is one of the key factors that can increase passenger flow. Shop decoration is also one of the prerequisites for a pharmacy to bring profit, so when we open a pharmacy, we must pay attention to the design and decoration of the pharmacy. Only with a good retail shop design can there be good decoration. This will attract more customers.

The integrity of the decoration

(1) Overall design:

There must be a concept of overall visual output during decoration, focusing on VI (visual recognition). Try to create a pleasant feeling and overall image for customers. For chain pharmacies, the image of every single store must be unified. It cannot be like some pharmacies that only pay attention to the consistency of the plaque, and there is no overall design concept.

(2) Unity inside and outside:

the facade and the inside of the store must be unified, the style must be consistent, and the inside and outside must be coordinated. For example, the exterior is more luxurious, but the interior is very simple and uncoordinated; furthermore, the warm color on the outside is not coordinated with the cool color inside.

(3) Functional overall planning:

Although a pharmacy is small, it should have all the internal organs, without arms and legs. Therefore, the decoration design must be foreseeable and foresee the functional requirements of the pharmacy during operation. For example, promotional activities, Internet connection, etc., and the placement of various equipment such as refrigerators, cash registers, and water dispensers. Therefore, it is necessary to consider comprehensive planning and design all kinds of needs when decorating. Note that the reserved position should be integrated with the overall design. For example, pharmacies often carry out promotional activities, and you must install some hanging banner hooks when decorating; for example, in summer, you can extend the business hours and need to gather popularity. If you can design some projection lights to achieve better results, you must reserve power in advance and even waterproof. If these small functions are not coordinated during the decoration, it will be very troublesome to use in the future.

pharmacy store design

The design and layout of the display showcase

Commodities are easy to see and take, and common medicines should be convenient for customers to take and watch, and try to keep them within the sight of customers. At the same time, the clerk should fill in the vacancies on the drugstore shelves in time based on the sales of medicines. Classified and coordinated display, in order to cooperate with the management of the drug regulatory department, pharmacies should display the drugs according to their characteristics when placing them.

The price tag is clean and tidy. The price tag is the "pass" for the medicine in the store. It is necessary to ensure that the writing is neat, clean, and tidy. Try to avoid visual confusion for customers due to irregular writing and affect shopping mood.


The feature-rich cash register is the ultimate "gathering place" for all customers, and of course, it should not be taken lightly in visual planning. The cashier counter should be arranged near the entrance of the gate, but considering that the small cashier counter of the pharmacy cannot be too small, the first thing to consider when doing visual planning is not to affect the customer's access. The second is to strive for clean and tidy, and equipped with the necessary anti-theft system. The third is to make full use of. In addition to placing the silver connection, credit card machine, and medicine packaging table that are convenient for cashier operations, you can also consider setting up exquisite billboards on the three sides of the cashier. The wall close to the cashier counter can also be used as key advertising space in the store. Some hang tags can be set above the cashier counter to carry out suggestive advertisements for some main products. On the side of the cashier counter, you can set up some activity cabinets to place gifts or some main products.

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