Hello everyone, what I want to introduce to you today is the design of a pharmacy. Pharmacies are very common in our daily lives. It has many necessities and health products in our lives. Sometimes, we can buy some emergency products or medicines in pharmacies. Pharmacies play a very important role in our lives, so what kind of pharmacies have you ever seen? Have you observed the interior furniture or layout? We all know that there are more types of drugs in pharmacies, and more display cabinets are needed. Generally, we use glass display cabinets. Today this pharmacy is mainly wood-based. Our display furniture is made of solid wood, which is very safe and durable and looks very natural and beautiful.

From the design drawing, we can see the layout of the drugstore and the furniture inside. It can also be said to be a small clinic, with treatment rooms and some medicine display cabinets. Our lobby is mainly for the front desk and some glass displays. The background board on the wall is made of solid wood. We can put our logo on it. It is very attractive.

This pharmacy mainly indicates that it is green and natural, which is the requirement of our customers, so we designed some green plants and used solid wood as the display material according to the customer's requirements. Our customer’s logo is also green. It matches our entire store and looks very coordinated.

pharmacy shop layout

How to design a pharmacy?

If you want to design your pharmacy, then you can contact us. We have our own professional team of designers, they can meet any of our requirements and design our ideas.

  1. Send us your floor plan. And tell me about your requirements. If you have your favorite pharmacy shop or furniture picture, you can send us. Our designers will combine your ideas to design something similar.
  2. After finish the design, we will send the picture to you, you can check. If you want to modify the design, you can tell us, and we can help you modify the furniture size, shape, color or internal layout.
  3. After confirming the final design, we will quote you the furniture according to the design drawings, and we can send you a price list. You can clearly see the material, size and price of each piece of furniture. After confirming the order, we can start producing furniture.


Can I buy the furniture in the design drawings?

Yes. We are a furniture manufacturer, and we mainly make furniture. The designer wants us to better confirm the production details. When we confirm the order, we will make a construction drawing, and our workers will strictly follow the shape, size, and color of the construction drawing for production. We will confirm the color of the furniture in advance, so you can buy the furniture you are satisfied with here. Before buying, we can know the effect of our shop.

The following is the production map of our pharmacy, we can see that the color of the solid wood is very beautiful.

pharmacy shop

pharmacy furniture

There are generally two kinds of materials for our furniture, one is plywood and fireproof board/solid wood, and the other is MDF and baking varnish. Both materials have to be used extensively. If you like wood grain color, then we can choose plywood and laminate. If you like solid colors, we can choose MDF and baking varnish. The color rendering of the baking varnish is very good, the surface is very shiny, and it looks very beautiful.

We have been established for more than ten years, we have our own factory, and our workers have rich work experience. We pay attention to the quality of our products, and we have strict control over the quality. Many customers are very satisfied after receiving the goods. If you have any needs, we welcome your consultation and look forward to working with you.