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pharmacy shop furniture

Pharmacy Display Cabinet | Wooden Retail Furniture For Store

Pharmacy Display Stand & Unique Display Showcase in Retail Store for Sale

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The pharmacy has been acting as a wise man in our lives. And we trust the pharmacy very much. Only good things can we better attract customers. So we need to figure out the overall layout of the pharmacy. Only good things are guaranteed, and so are pharmacies. We all know that pharmacies are very expensive, but only expensive things are guaranteed. Most people will choose to buy more expensive, so they will feel at ease.

Pharmacy Display Showcase

In the pharmacy display showcase, we use the MDF as the main material. Then the surface we use the green color baking paint, white color baking paint, and the wood color veneer. The top of the pharmacy display stand is the display area. You can put your medicine on the stand. In order to make the shape more attractive, the curve shape we use a wooden veneer. The white, green, and the wooden color will make the display showcase more attractive. At the bottom of the display showcase, we add the cabinet to store the medicine goods. The interior of the cabinet will use removable shelves. That’s a way that can make your cabinet orderly.


  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 1.6x0.4x2.1m
  • Surface: baking paint, veneer 
  • Color, green, white, wooden color
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe, acrylic logo


Wooden Cabinet

After you confirm the 3d design and construction drawings. We will submit the 3d design and construction drawings to the factory, then they will make the wooden cabinet based on the construction drawings. Each detail and the unique display showcase we need to consider. Then each craft of the display stand, our factory will pay more attention to it.

Stick the veneer

There is the curve veneer to finish.


Before doing the primer, we need to do the baking paint. The baking paint will be more smooth. It will increase the attachment force and make the baking paint easy to do.

Baking paint

After the polish, we need to do the 4 primers, then we will make the baking paint. The baking paint will make the display stand more bright. Before we do the baking paint, we will send you the Panton color card and you can choose one you want. Then we will mix the color for you. After the white and green baking paint. We will do the varnish for the wooden veneer.

There are Some Question from Customer

Do you Have the Branch Office in the US?

I am afraid not. We are located in Shenzhen, China. We have done many kiosks and furniture. We have shipped them to US mall-like Simon, GGP, and so on. We also can help you shipped the kiosk to your country, no worries.

When will we receive the display stand?

The production time: 1-3 sets will take about 15-18 working days. The 10 sets will take about 22-25 working days

The shipping time: it based on which port is near to you. The shipping time will depend on your country and which port is near to you. For example, if you located in New York, the shipping time will take about the 30days.

How about the Shipping Fee?

The shipping fee based on the final packing list. You know different goods, the size and the heavy is also different. So the shipping fee will be different.

How to Customize a Unique Display Stand?

  • You can tell me all of your requirements for the display stand. Then we will negotiate with our designer and share with us your detailed requirements.
  • Pay a 300USD design fee which is refundable if you build the kiosk in our factory. Provide different views of 3D design and free revised service until you are satisfied with the effect.
  • Make a detailed construction drawing that includes all the materials, dimensions as well as circuit diagram.
  • After you confirm the construction drawings, we will start to produce them.
  • Pay a 50% deposit to start the manufacturing procedure of the display stands.
  • When the display stands finished before shipping you arrange the balance.
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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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