We all know that candy shops are very popular. There are countless candy shops in our city. The sweets and snacks they sell are similar, and there are many styles in the store. Some stores are now combined with candy and toys, and some are selling candy. The furniture inside them is generally not very crowded, but some candy display cabinets or shelves with special shapes. These colorful colors and peculiar display furniture can attract the attention of many children. Therefore, for the candy store, the furniture inside is very important.

candy shop design

How do we arrange the furniture and layout of our store?

If the furniture and layout are used properly, we can use more space. First of all, we have to consider what kind of model our store is. Does it only sell candy, or there are other items? How about this candy store. In addition to the product display area, it also has a game corner and a seating area, which is a place for children to play.

Division of area

Our shop is L-shaped. The long part is the candy display area, and the short part is the rest area. This is also a place where children play and adults rest. We can set up some toys here. There are some wall shelves on the wall, where we can put some of our toys. In addition to toys, there are some candy models. It looks very attractive.

When we walked into the shop, what we saw was the rest area and then our reception desk. Customers can check out here. Our logo can be placed on the wall behind the reception desk. If there is enough space, we can also place a cabinet to display our products at the back. When we walked into the shop, the first thing we saw was the rest area and then our reception desk. Customers can check out here. Behind is our candy display area. Since this shop also sells wholesale, furniture is particularly important. We need to choose some large-capacity furniture.

Display furniture

We can see that there are many types of furniture. The cabinet behind the cash register, the tall cabinets on both walls, and the double-sided display cabinet in the middle. The colors of the furniture in the candy store are colorful. We can see that every piece of furniture has a shape, and the height is more than 1.6m. Most of them are displayed on the laminate. From the design drawing, we can see that each laminate can put many things. The arc display inside sells skittles. We can see that its dispenser is very high. Below is a row of curved cabinets that can store our things. The height of the dispenser can be as high as our shop or about 10 cm shorter. This will look a little more beautiful. From the design drawing, we can see the color, shape, and quantity of all the furniture. This can help us confirm many things.

Candy shop display furniture

Most of the furniture is wood, and wood furniture can be customized. Therefore, the candy display cabinet has no fixed shape, color, and size. We can create many different kinds of display cabinets. If you want to make our shop more attractive, then we can design some more special shapes. The shape of the furniture can be changed according to the floor plan of our store. If you want to have an attractive candy store, you can design it first. From the renderings, we can see the overall effect, we can modify it if we are not satisfied. As long as we can design, we can produce exactly the same furniture. We can first determine the layout of our store and the number and types of our furniture through design. After confirming, we can put it into production.


Competition in various industries is now very fierce. Everyone is trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd. If we want to start our candy store, if we want to do it well, we need to invest some time, energy, and money. We are a professional furniture manufacturer, and our design team and excellent builders can help us build a beautiful candy shop. We will help you design, produce and transport. With us, you can get everything you want. We will do our best to meet all your requirements. I think it is easy to cooperate with us. If you have ideas, your consultation is very welcome.