Now many people willing to open the bubble tea is very popular at the moment, bubble tea drinks is a popular food in the market, is distinctive in the market, product variety, flexible and easy operation. And the good market prospect is favored by many people, entrepreneurs are more and more investment into the bubble tea business. That is why many investors want to open a milk tea shop. What do you need to do before you open a shop? The following we will make a simple introduction for you, hoping to help the majority of investors.

 1. Location of the bubble tea shop

The first task for investors to open bubble tea shops is to find a more appropriate store, and the main factor for store selection is the flow of people. At present, schools around, shopping malls, office buildings and other places are popular shop opening locations. 

However, you should evaluate according to the consumption level of the area and their ability to afford the rent. If the rent of a prime location is beyond your affordable range, it is best to be careful and consider clearly.

Bubble tea shop

 2. Store decoration

​Although the area of the bubble tea shop may not be large, but the operator for the decoration of the store can not be arbitrary. If the decoration style of the milk tea shop is very warm and comfortable, so that it can leave a good impression on customers, at this time will often attract a large number of customers to come to visit. 

Of course, if it is a franchise store, the brand headquarters often has a unified style setting, and will also provide free decoration plan, renderings and construction drawings, so that we can have better and faster progress. What Ant Display can do for you is to make a customize 3d bubble tea store design with your size and logo. Our professional design team can make a new 3d shop design model according to the floor plan of your bubble tea shop.

Food shop design


3. The importance of the interior design

Today's consumers pay great attention to the dining experience. So the decoration in the bubble tea shop is also very important, and it must be able to guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of the store. Also for investors to provide a comfortable dining environment. Only in this way can the store bring sufficient customer security. In addition, because the market competition of bubble tea is particularly fierce, so investors should be able to highlight the characteristics of the decoration of milk tea shop. Give consumers a fresh, special feeling. Only in this way can we effectively catch the attention of consumers and achieve the purpose of attracting customers into the store.

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4. Design ideas for the bubble tea store

The following we want to introduce a concise style bubble tea shop design & store fixturtes to you. Fengcha is a franchise bubble tea brand from China. They have entered the beverage market in many countries. For this bubble tea shop, we designed for ethnic Chinese in the USA.


The storefront of this bubble tea shop is a transparent glass window and door. When people walk through your bubble tea shop, they can see inside directly. So this is one of the reasons why we need to make the bubble tea shop interior design to be attractive. We need to make a wonderful bubble tea shop design, when people see your bubble tea store they want to go inside.

Work counter

When the people walk inside, they will see the work counter first eye. So this food counter part is the most important part of the whole bubble tea shop. The main color is white color as the customer want a simple design. And the countertop is plywood with laminate material. Or we can make it with solid wood material but a little more expensive.

The top has the menu then the customer can order here. For the inside counter, we have the frosted glass then it can block something as they don’t want the customer to see when they working. On the back wall, it has a long stainless steel shelf and under it are some equipment. Please send us if you have the equipment list, then our design team will leave the exact space for you.

Bubble tea work counter

Seating area

For the seating area of this bubble tea store, we match them with the style of the interior shop design. The customer told us they want a simple and comfortable bubble tea shop design, not too fancy. So our design team make the seating area with mainly solid wood countertop with white color metal frame.

It can be divided into 4 areas. The first area is the small table near the entrance, this place is a small table attached to the wall with 2 chairs. This area suitable for 1 or 2 people. And on the right side of this small table is the second area, this area suitable for a group of people to talk and have drinks here. Because this area is a long square table with 8 square chairs.

Let us move to the next area, the third area is a long bench near the wall. This area distributes to 3 dining tables, suitable for 4-6 people. And the last area is a bar area, 3 bar tables with 4 bar tools, suitable for 2-4 people.

Food store design


Store interior design

The whole store effect let the people feel very warm. The designer use the warm white lights of the bubble tea shop and the wood with white color furniture which is match well for the shop style. When we send the 3d design to our customers, they love it. And we are very pleased that we made the design exactly what they want.

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