There is a clear difference between the decoration of men's clothing stores and women's clothing stores. Women's clothing stores can be sweet, fashionable, lady-like, and so on. Compared with men's clothing stores, the style is not so comprehensive, and most of them are simple and atmospheric. So how to design a good clothing store that can sell men’s clothing and women’s clothing at the same time?

Here are some design points that we need to pay attention to.


 The sign is the "face" that directly reflects the image of the store is a billboard that highlights the business and culture of the store. Pay attention to the color matching, and generally use dark colors as the main body for the purpose of eye-catching.

clothing store 3D design

Colour match,

Same color

   Matching the colors of the same color system will never lose enough. For example, pink + scarlet, brilliant red + peach red, rose red + strawberry red and other similar color combinations can show the layering of the same color. This kind of collocation will not seem monotonous and funny, it is the most complicated and easy method.

Contrasting colors

   Contrast colors are two types of colors with incomplete and incompatible characteristics, such as red and green, blue and orange, black and white, and purple and yellow. If you intend to match the contrasting colors together, you must pay attention to the ratio between the contrasting colors. Choosing one color as the main color and the other as the secondary color is a finishing touch. It's easy to show the style of your shop.


  If the theme in the store does not match the colorful mix. We can choose the colorless colors of black, white, and gray. No matter how gorgeous the clothes, you only need to choose authentic black, white, and gray on the accessories, and the primary and secondary feelings will emerge in a while, and they will appear sublime and special.

interior design

Operating area

  Generally, it occupies three-quarters or two-thirds of the entire store area (depending on the situation). An operating area is a place where customers are directly served. It is required to be loose, clean and comfortable. On the other hand, the convenience and smooth flow of customers must also be taken into consideration.

Shop 3d design

The main color of this clothing shop design is coffee color, white and gray. This shop mainly displays men's suits, ties, shirts, children's clothes, and women's tops and skirts.

display rack

Shop Fixture

Shops generally include two types of furniture, the first is display cabinets. The second is the cash register and the service counter.

Display Rack and Display Stand

Display fixtures are also divided into wall displays and laminate displays. The wall display can usually hang a set of uniforms or hot-selling products. In addition, some displays in the store are equipped with light strips to add luster to some displays the store.

You can see that this clothes display rack will use a metal rack. The outer surface of the clothes rack is electroplated metal. This makes it easier to integrate the entire store design. There are also some laminate displays, which also use metal as a frame. Then add some layers to display the clothing

There are also some wall display cabinets and can display the clothing on the wall. Then the customer can see it clearly.


Reception Desk

The reception desk is very important to open a shop. For this style shop, using the industrial style for reception desk to match whole sore style.

Sitting area

You can see there is a sofa for a customer to rest.

Production Process

Wooden cabinet- polish- primers-veneer and the installation.

How to Order?

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