Any new clothing store or clothing kiosk in mall opening, it is inevitable to take locations selected as the top priority. Success or failure depends on location selection and relocation. Then, what are the common points of location selection as a successful clothing store?

High Consuming Power is First Option

Areas with a high frequency of commercial activities are also commercial centers and downtown areas. If there are frequent commercial activities, the turnover is bound to be higher. Such a location is the so-called "land of gold". In such areas, logistics is fast. For the clothing industry, clothing has a fast-spreading trend. If the flow of goods is slow, it may become obsolete before the clothing is sold out. Therefore, the area with frequent commercial activities is an excellent location for clothing store location selection.

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High Population Density Places

In areas with high population density, shops are opened near residential areas. If the population is relatively concentrated and the population density is high, the frequency of people going to shops is relatively high and business is easy to do. In such areas, there are people of all ages and social classes. It is easier to choose which style or type of clothing to sell, and there will be more customers. Moreover, since the population flow has always been very large, it is easy to understand the daily sales volume, so the sales volume will not rise and fall suddenly, which can ensure the stable and rich income of the shop.

Crowd Business Street

Street shops with large passenger flow are located in such streets, and with large passenger flow, there are relatively more customers patronizing the shops. However, it is necessary to consider which side of the street has a large passenger flow, as well as the impact of some terrain or traffic, so as to select the optimal location. For some customers, but because it is the main road of transportation, the passenger flow is the place to go to and from work, which is not a good choice for the clothing store address.

Convenient For Customer to Access

The location should be convenient for customers to visit and take a bus. Generally speaking, it is best to have a bus stop nearby or a store that customers can walk less than 20 minutes to reach.

Entertainment Places

There are many places for people to visit, such as the cinema, entertainment places, etc. The best news is As long as you can buy a unique style of clothing, people will be afraid to buy it in other places. Moreover, most of the people who come to such places of entertainment are young people. They have a strong sense of pursuing fashion. Therefore, opening a fashionable clothing store in these places will attract a large number of young customers who catch up with the trend.

Places Where Have Similar Shops

For shopping goods such as clothing, if they can be concentrated in a certain district or block, they will be more able to attract customers. Because there are many stores operating similar products, customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose here.

We might as well listen to the consumer's statement: Ms. Jiang, who teaches in a university, always likes to go to the places where the clothing stores are crowded. She thinks that in addition to the styles, there are many stores, and it is easy to compare the goods with three stores, and the starting price is also relatively easy. Therefore, don't worry about competition in the same industry. Once more and more shops in the same industry open more and more, it will produce a clustering effect.

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It is easy to expand the influence, gather popularity, and form a "professional Street". Business is certainly easier to do than to do it alone. Generally speaking, the area with more than two conditions is a good location, if all of them are available, it is the best location. But locations with these conditions generally have high rents. The shopkeeper should not be frightened by the higher rent, but should carefully analyze how much benefit the investment can bring. Spend more money to create a clothing store interior design /Generally, as long as the idea of opening a store is right, it is high investment and high return, so we should be willing to invest in the store locations.

The choice is Always Greater Than Effort

It's better to spend a lot of money to open a big shop than to spend a lot of money to find a good store. Of course, high rent increases the operating costs but also increases the pressure and risk of the operation. We must carefully calculate the investment projects and see whether we can do the business of the gold flourishing shop. If you don't have diamonds, don't do porcelain work. If there is a shortage of funds in the initial stage, and there are good stores in other areas, as long as they can be operated properly, they will also be profitable.

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