Women's clothing stores generally give us the feeling that they are more beautiful and luxurious. Sometimes women's clothing stores not only sell clothes, but some also sell high-heeled shoes or ladies bags. Therefore, the types of furniture in the store will be richer and the design will be more high-end. Only attractive stores can bring us more customers. When we go shopping, we will be attracted by beautiful stores. Therefore, it is very important to decorate a shop. In the shop introduced today, we can see that the display furniture inside it is mainly wall shelves and wooden cabinets in the middle. The wooden cabinet and the color are similar to the color of the metal stainless steel, so the whole shop looks very coordinated, and the color combination is also very beautiful. Let's take a look at some details of the furniture.

When you decide to open the clothing store, you also need to consider how to decorate the store to attractive more customer.

Some Tips to Decorate Clothing Store

Shop Facades,

 The facade directly reflects the image of the store. Our facade should also highlight the theme of the store. A good facade can attract more customers. Therefore, we should pay attention to the color matching when designing the facade. Generally, darker facades are more eye-catching.


The overall color effect of the clothing store should be harmonious. Only local, small areas can have some strong color contrast. For example, some fashionable women's clothing brands use bright red window images to instantly focus the attention of passing customers. But in the store, beige and metallic colors are all used.

We need to know that clothing is the protagonist in the store. The soft and light colors make it easy for customers to focus on the clothing, and the decoration of the store is more of a foil. At the checkout counter, the heart-shaped brand LOGO and the dazzling red color are very eye-catching. In the waiting area, the bright-colored sofas and the resting area give people a sense of relaxation, giving people a bright, colorful, and festive feeling, while also adding a touch of embellishment to the shop. So this is one of the reasons why some women's clothing stores have been successful in making profits.

Window Display

Generally in the window display, the display area is symmetrical. This will give customers a distinct feeling, and it is easy to give customers a good impression, so as to achieve the effect of attracting customers. Some are asymmetrical, but the feeling to customers is novel and beautiful.

The model's triangle display method. This kind of display will not make the window look dull and full of three-dimensionality. We connect the three models (high point, second high point and low point respectively) into a triangular plane to make the whole window more real and plump. In addition, we can also add props to make the whole shop look more vivid.

Seating Area

 This is also designed for customers' companions and family members. The whole area needs to be spacious and comfortable. Only in this way can we give customers a good experience. It allows customers to see TV and pictures just right. Only if the customer has a good experience, will the customer have the possibility of second consumption.


 The toilet will impress customers because of its high utilization rate. So we must also design carefully. It must be treated the same as the signboard and carefully designed. In each bathroom, some of the store's concept and warm service requirements are often changed. Sometimes you can also post some jokes, humorous stories, and promotional discount policies are all acceptable.

clothing store design

Store Design 

  • Dressing store inside furniture for sale
  • Size/shape/color: Customize
  • Material: MDF/Plywood/Stainless steel
  • Surface finish: Baking paint/ Laminate/Veneer
  • Price: It depends on the furniture size, material and style
  • Our location: Shenzhen, China
  • Production time: About one month
  • Delivery time: It depends on your nearest port or detailed drawings

If you want your clothing shop to look more advanced, the furniture material we usually choose is metal stainless steel, but this material is relatively more expensive. The cheaper materials are MDF and baking varnish. This material and surface treatment are available in a variety of colors. The surface is smooth and shiny, which is also a good choice. If you want to use natural wood color, then you can choose to use plywood and laminate. We are a customized company, all the furniture can be designed according to your ideas. If you want to buy the furniture of the whole store, we suggest to make a design for the store. We design all the furniture inside, and then combine the style you like to design it into the look you want. After the design is completed, we can go to all the details and prices. Our design fee is 500-1000USD, it depends on the shop area. We can ship the goods to your country when we finishing production. You don't have to worry about any problems. Now let’s start it.