Jewellery Showroom Designs

Opening a new jewelry store, store decoration is the most important. A good store layout can be impressive. The design of jewelry stores needs to keep up with the times, use the latest and fashionable design concepts, highlight the subjectivity and individuality of jewelry store operations, and meet people's psychological needs of pursuing perfection and comfort in a fast-paced life

Different from other shops, this shop has an aisle, and people need to walk through this aisle to enter the jewelry shop, making the shop mysterious. There is the customer's brand logo on the wall side, which is very unique.


Layout introduction

From the pictures, we can see the overall layout of the store, which is decorated in a modern style, which looks beautiful and high-end. The first resting area we saw was two sofas and a table on the left side of the shop. People could sit and rest after looking at the jewelry. At the same time, the sales staff could introduce the jewelry to them in detail. Next to it is some jewelry display cabinets. models are placed next to each cabinet to display jewelry. Customers can use it as a reference effect. There are posters on the pillars to promote different styles of jewelry, looks very attractive.

 Jewellery Showroom Designs

Customize display cabinet style

Glass display cabinets are very common in jewelry stores,people can see jewelry from different angles by tempered glass. The main materials are tempered glass and stainless steel shelves. The standard size of the jewelry display cabinet is 500*500*1350mm, and the glass height is 400mm; When the height dimension is fixed, it usually has the following dimensions: 450*450mm, 500*500mm, 550*550mm, 600*600mm. We can customize display cabinets of different types and shapes. And there are many skilled workers in our factory. All display cabinets are handmade with good quality. We can customize the display cabinet according to your needs, including size, logo and color, etc. It is all up to you.


High wall cabinet

Different from wall cabinets, these wall cabinets are like "clothing cabinets". They have one or two layers of display space, and people can see the jewelry through the glass. There is also a dressing table beside, so people can try on jewellery and get a good reference. Choose wooden wall cabinets, the display effect will be better. The height of the wall cabinet is about 1000mm and depends on the ceiling height.

 Jewellery Showroom Designs

Wall decoration

Let us pay attention to the wall decoration, it uses a lot of posters and some wall shelves, it looks very unique. The window design will make people feel comfortable and relaxing, and you can also see the scenery outside through the window. There are also some attractive stickers on the wall to make the shop look more beautiful.


How to make a new jewelry shop design?

Contact us and tell us your requirements, such as color, style, and other requirements, and send us the logo and store floor plan, so we will know the exact layout of the store to make a good design.

Start designing and confirming the design. Before starting the design, we will charge a design deposit. The specific deposit depends on the size of the store, and we will deduct it from the order price. Our design time is 2-3 working days, which allows modification based on your ideas.

After you confirm the final design, you can send it to your landlord or shopping mall for review. If they have any comments, we will help you make changes to ensure that the design is perfect. After review, we will make a detailed quotation for you, and we will arrange production after you pay a 50% deposit.

 Jewellery Showroom Designs

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