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Hello everyone, we will introduce the clothing showcase we recently made for you. Hoping it is helpful to these who wan to start the women clothes business.Women like going shopping and they like the buy the new clothes althought they have several wardrobes of clothes. They never think they have enough clothes. They are used to trying a variety of clothes to show their different appearances, but they still feel that they have no clothes to wear or how to wear them is not good-looking. there are already a lot of clothes in the wardrobe, but it is still possible to buy the same style, which may be for some psychological needs.sometimes they bought the clothes they liked, they had to buy another one because there was no suitable clothes to match. Or they just felt that it was too bad because there only one piece clothes to be matched.Women like to buy clothes, just like men like football and photography. Women was born to love beauty. Beautiful clothes can make women more beautiful. Despite the rise of e-commerce in recent years,  But people still prefer to go shopping in physical stores.


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The basic material of this clothing kiosk is MDF with surface baking paint. Other material is stainless steel/tempered glass and Hardware. Five clothing kiosks show the clothes. We can even sell handbags meanwhile. It is a good idea to sell the handbag in clothes shop. Because the women want to buy the handbag which match her new clothes.It is suitable to use in the shopping mall or retail  clothes shop. if you want to sell the clothes in the shopping mall, you don't need to decorate the shop with this clothes showcase. All we need to do is that we just rent a place that is enough.So it is very convenient and practical.Come on , buy it !!!

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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