Clothing Display Rack with Clothing Store Decoration & T-shirt Display Hanger

With the development of people's material and cultural life, people began to pay attention to dressing. Our requirements for clothing are getting higher and higher. The market advantage of clothing stores is obvious to all, and the prospects are immeasurable. Clothing is a must in our life, regardless of men and women, old or young, clothes are indispensable. A person has at least 20 sets of clothes a year. Clothes are different at different times. We wear different clothes in different locations. So selling clothes is very easy to live a profit.

The benefits of buying clothes in a physical store:

  1. You can try on clothes: the style, size and color can be adjusted according to your own height, weight, etc., slowly change until it is suitable.
  2. You can understand the quality: some clothes must be touched by yourself, and then you can really understand the quality of the clothes to prevent counterfeiting.
  3. It can promote the relationship between relatives and friends and pass the time. When you are free, go shopping with friends or relatives to promote relationships and communication. Going to a physical store to buy clothes is a good way. You can communicate together and discuss suitable clothes together.

How to decorate a clothing store

Opening a clothing store cannot be sloppy. This is the most direct impression consumers have of clothing stores. This not only affects the actual interests of a brand, but also relates to the development and extension of the brand. Therefore, shop decoration is very necessary.

Wall decoration

The wall is a special place for clothing stores to recommend clothing for this season, and the wall is also the first place that customers look at after entering the door. Therefore, the decoration of the wall is very important. Wall decoration is mainly selected from two aspects of decoration materials and colors. In terms of materials, latex paint, wallpaper, paving boards, and tiling are all optional. The wall design of the clothing store should be coordinated with the color content of the displayed goods and adapted to the environment and image of the clothing store.

Display Shelf Design

The display stand is one of the main facilities for displaying, displaying and selling goods. The display rack design requires both practicality, flexibility and firmness. It also needs to be convenient for salespersons to operate, convenient for consumption and visits, and to adapt to the different requirements of various types of clothing. We need the choice of materials and shapes. General clothing display shelves are square, and goods are displayed and placed around the world. However, the irregularly shaped clothing display shelves will change its dull and monotonous image and add lively line changes.

Store layout

The overall design of this clothing store is biased towards high-end products. The main color is black, and gold is the main auxiliary. It can make the whole shop more design and high-end. The store is designed with two doors, so that it is convenient for customers to enter, but also to avoid crowding. For the shop display rack, there are 5 clothes display cabinets. Two of them are metal crafts, the metal is painted with metal paint. There are 3 wall display cabinets, the main material is paint, and the outside is a metal frame with metal paint. There are also three shoe cabinets in the shop. You can also sell some shoes while selling clothes, which can increase the sales volume of the shop. These display stands are all against the back wall, because the display against the wall can save you a lot of space. There is a cash register on the opposite side of the door, which can facilitate the cash register and solve the needs of customers. There are 5 sets logos, we use acrylic luminous LOGO.


Clothing and Shoes Display Wall Cabinet

Size: 1.2x0.4x2.2m

Material: MDF

Surface: Baking Paint

Color: Black and Gold color

Style , Modern design

Hardware, stainless steel handle

Price: 600USD


Metal Display Stand

Size: 1.6x0.3x2.2m

Material, metal

Surface: metal baking paint

Style: Fashion Style

Hardware, stainless steel handle

Price: 680USD


Reception Desk

Size: 1.2x0.6x0.9m

Material: MDF

Surface: baking paint

Color: white

Style: Fashion Style

Hardware, stainless steel handle



In order to prevent the goods from being damaged, we will have two layers of packaging. The inner packaging uses EPE foam and film. We will use foam packaging on the corners of the cabinet, and then wrap them with film to prevent them from falling off. MDF wooden boxes are used outside.


A shop design time will take about 3-5working days

After confirm the designs, and start to produce the shop furniture. The production time will take about 28-32working days.

The shipping time based on which country you located, and which transportation do you want.