Bubble tea shop design

The summer is coming, bubble tea, juice, smoothie etc are the most popular drinks for young people. In fact, no matter summer or winter, the bubble tea is always popular all the year round, but especially in summer. In a bubble tea shop, not only selling the main products, but also can sell some snacks. So the design can meet the needs of the bubble tea shop decoration. A unique and suitable design can be the shop special feature.

Description of the bubble tea shop

The bubble tea shop shape is special, which is like a trapezoid. The top color is the green with the beautiful and cute logo signs in two sides. One small board with logo is at the bottom of the top and at the high pillar to show the people. The main hue of the bubble tea shop is green. This color represents the nature and youth, and it can catch the customers’ eyes easily.

The two sides are all glass floor-to-ceiling doors and windows,which can be showed the interior design and environment better. Besides, it can offer a comfortable feeling to people. The bubble tea shop main structural design is according to the storekeeper’s ideas. About the outside environment, there are two basin of flowers at near the right side window. In addition, two tables with big sunshades and several chairs for customers. If customers don’t want to sit inside, they can sit outside to enjoy the bubble tea, snacks and the natural wind. They can chat or read a book silently. It is a good service offer to customers.

Bar counter

Walk inside the bubble tea shop, the first eyes is on the counter, because it is apposite the door. The bar counter looks very simple but functional because it is without exaggerated decoration. The main material of the counter is solid wood, and the countertop is the man made stone, which is waterproof and easy to clean, and looks high-end in high quality. The most important is that is the countertop can be waterproof, because it can protect the counter. The pink led light stripe is in the middle of the counter, which make it not very common.

The bar counter is for the staff to make the bubble tea and other snacks to customers. On the counter, there is one display showcase to show the cakes, and one showcase is embedded in the counter to display some snacks. Besides, the cash register is also on the left side to receive the payment and help customers to order. About the inside part, there is one refrigerator is at the left side, and the sink is on the right side, the cabinets are in the middle. It is convenient for customers to work. The cabinets can also storage some materials or machines.

Wall decoration

At the back wall, it can show its effect too. One big poster is the menu with many different types tastes bubble tea, juice, snacks with different prices. When customers come inside the shop, they can have a view on the wall menu directly and choose what they need. At the bottom of the menu, it is a small shelf to put some bubble tea materials for the staff to take it easily and conveniently. Besides, on this wall side, there are also the logo sign and some green plant and flowers on it, which can make the white wall not so simple. And another two sides also with the colorful patterns on it, to make the wall more beautiful and creative.

Tables and chairs

There are the long white tables against the glass window with the tall chairs. When customers sit in this part, they can visit the outside scenery better through the window. It is good design here, and the white tables and chairs are very suitable for this area, which make the whole shop design not messy. Another side is the green tables and chairs which match the shop main design. It looks very nice and bright. The customers area part is very important too, so enough and comfortable seats can let customers have a rest and can attract more customers for you, because when people see the customers in your shop from outside, they will also want to taste your bubble tea.


The ceiling of the counter top is green too, and with two special lamps. For the customers area, the ceiling is white and with many small round lamps, which can make the shop more bright. Besides, there are two blue hanging lamps on the ceiling at the innermost part for customers. The lamps and lights not only place the important role for a shop, but also can be the special and beautiful decorations.

In conclusion

As we all know, the interior design is so much important for a shop. If you are going to start a bubble tea shop too, please contact us to talk about the styles you like. and layout you want. We can make a good design according to your any requirements and your floor plan. Anti Display Limited offers you the best service.