Generally speaking, clothing stores sell not only goods but also the shopping atmosphere experienced by shoppers, which requires investors to work hard on clothing store design and decoration. If you want to decorate well, you have to spend more money. Simple decoration may not attract consumers to stop and you will lose business opportunities in vain. How to balance the relationship between save money and attract customers? Here are 7 Tips On Creating an Attractive clothing retail sore design and decoration.

The Overall Image of the Storefront

In the aspect of store interior design, we can't copy the previous standards. Instead, we need to inspect the store itself and its surroundings on the spot to see the direction of people flow, sunshine, obstacles, colors, and styles of the surrounding shops, and then design according to the standards according to these specific elements. Nowadays, many clothing stores are effortless in-store image design, just according to their imagination or copying other stores' decoration, without investigating the store's actual location, let alone the competitors.

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Pay attention to Clothing Display.

Clothing display is also a profound knowledge, quality of sales, and 40% in the presentation. Good Product display can show the advantages of the product correctly and make consumers impulse to buy. In General, The clothing display can divide into theme display, promotion display, new display, etc. according to different timing. The various display fixture can attract consumers and produce profitable sales.

Clothing Store Color Design is essential.

As we know, The image and style positioning of clothing based on the classification of customer groups of stores distinguishes different styles and applies different publicity methods together. Casual clothing stores should give people a casual and relaxed feeling. They can play background music with strong rhythm, strong colors, and gorgeous lights. Intersperse Folding, front display cases, and side display with each other. Place the shelves s casually and holistically. Women's clothing stores should be feminine in color. Light blue + white, red + white, purple-red + white, camel + white, white, black + white, etc. are good choices. The store's streamlined and slim lines should be, with soft lighting and multiple mirrors (women naturally love looking at mirrors. When you have many mirrors here, even if you don't see your clothes, they will attract them: )walnut Men's clothing display cabinet and other materials with rough lines and deep colors.

Unify The color of the store and integrated the clothing and decoration color harmoniously so that people can see the store's primary color at a glance. However, the unification here is not to make the clothing and decoration color entirely consistent, which will make the store appear very monotonous and rigid. We should make the local contrast and obey the whole.

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Clothing Store Lighting Design

The purpose of lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in clothing stores. The same clothing with lighting and without lighting has an entirely different display effect, especially when the models display these single pieces. Spotlights must set them off. The color of the light should also be appropriate. The blue light gives people a cold, cold, and psychedelic feeling (summer clothes), while the yellow light gives people a warm feeling (winter clothes).

Fitting Room Design and Decoration 

The fitting room is significant. Most customers decide to buy clothes in the fitting room. However, many stores do not have fitting rooms, or the fitting rooms are elementary, which will affect the final purchase of customers. The fitting room of a clothing store should be not only beautiful but also comfortable and safe. When we design the fitting room, we first need to decide where to put it.

fitting room design

Display Shelf Placement

We should place retail shelves to leave space for walking, retail display fixtures can split into the main channel and secondary channel, So, the image background board can put on the main entrance or the shopping mall's main channel. Others display in rest spaces. Retail counter also counts in clothing store design. We should arragen cash register counter properly and give customer a better shopping experience.

Seven Clothing Stores Display skills.

  1. Match the same color. The clothes of the same color system together will give people a very comfortable feeling. Pay attention to the exact color matching, do not put the same style and the same length together to make people feel like a warehouse.
  2. Contrast colors. That is to say. Cool colors can use to set off warm colors. For example, green clothes can set off red dresses, and blue clothes can set off yellow garments. When placed on a pole, cold colors and warm colors should not account for 50%, respectively. The proportion of * * is about 3:7, and pay attention to the insertion of cold and warm colors.
  3. Rational use of living areas. The so-called living room is the area most easily seen in the direction of people's flow; otherwise, it is the dead zone. We should put our main style in the living space and put other types in the quiet area, significantly improving sales.
  4. Control The number of models. Some operators think that models are easy to display, so they put many models in their shops, but they will have the opposite effect. It makes people feel that the brand has some "water," and the so-called "rarity is the most valuable thing." Wearing the style of " on the model has the effect of ".
  5. Reasonable use of "living models." The shopping guide in the store is a living model of clothing, which style they wear will sell which class, which is an excellent way to reduce inventory.
  6. Time schedule should be in place. To know who the people who come to buy clothes every day, take women's wear as an example. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, full-time wives usually come. Some fashionable, expensive, and unique clothes can put in the living area and models in this way. On Friday afternoons, Saturdays, and Sundays, most of the shop goers are women who usually go to work. They hang clothes of medium price on living areas and models.
  7. Store display should have a sense of rhythm. Don't make the color system too rigid. The store's left side is a cold color, and the right side is a warm color. It's too discordant. The combination of cold and warm should have a sense of rhythm.

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For clothing stores, decoration style in place is half the success. But decoration is a complicated thing. There are too many details, such as time arrangement, project budget, and decoration company qualification. If you want to make partial changes, you often communicate with the decoration company for a whole day. Therefore, many people simply perfunctorily, or paste a few pieces of wrinkly paper on the wall at will, choose the wall color casually, and paint the dark green wall of the shop, which is initially insufficient in light. As a result, from the outside, it seems that there is no light in the shop, and consumers are not in the mood to go shopping.

The method of decomposing the decoration process may make many people feel troublesome, but many clothing stores adopt contracting labor and not materials when decorating. To save money and ensure the quality of decoration materials, most of them buy them by themselves.