Clothing shop decoration has gone through the trend of fashion and leads the fashion of modern society. In the old period, You decorate a retail shop and will use for ten or twenty years. At the end of 1980, it could only be used for five to seven years.  And when come to the recent past two years, more and more shops have adopted the progressive method, and the new decoration projects have been successively renovated in different areas. In the concept of store packaging, the use of planned, progressive partition decoration method, so as to reduce the decoration cost, etc.,

But at the same time, under the clothing more and more attention to high style and high-quality design, the cost is absolutely increased.  Shop design and decoration is the most important step when starting a retail shop business. So, here comes the question.

clothing store design

How to decorate and design a clothing store?

Before we start a clothing retail shop business, we should bear in mind that every piece of land must make a profit. Every piece of design must worthy. A professional clothing retail store design must be combined both outlook and interior function together. Thereby, You can start a modern clothing shop design from the following 8 aspects:

Signage Design

The signboard is the "face" that directly reflects the image of the store and is the billboard that highlights the operation and culture of the store. Pay attention to the color collocation, generally with the dark color as the main body, to attract the attention for the purpose. 

You can design a unique signage logo or use the backlit logo to light it up. In modern clothing shops, the Neon led light logo is also very popular and attractive. Stainless steel wall Floating style logo is perfect for women's clothing shop While dark color strong themes are suited for men's clothing stores. 

Shop Theme design

Whether you are designing a modern style clothing shop or just start a T-shirt retail store, you can concentrate on a shop theme and decide the main color and tones. If your mixed different shoe theme together your clothing store design will looks in a mess, not to say the interior decoration. Therefore, when we start a retail clothing shop design and decorations, we should figure out the deep ideas in our minds, what are the real theme we need, and what is the real color we want.

The different color combinations will create a different interior illustration, Many combinations are popular for clothing shops, such as pink with bright red, bright red with peach red, or rose-red with strawberry red, and so on. This kind of variant trigram collocation between the same color system can not only wear out the sense of hierarchy of the same color system but also generate modern fashion elements. It is the most complex and easy method way to create a unique shop theme.

Color Design

When we decide the main color for our shops, we should bear in mind the colors of our products and package colors. Contrast colors are two incomplete colors that affect each other in every interior space, such as red with green, black with white, or purple with yellow. If you want to match the contrast colors together, you should pay attention to the proportion change between the contrast colors. Choose one color as the main color and another color as the secondary color, which is very eye-catching. Show your character bravely.

If you really can't do this colorful color matching between the ingenious proportion, with black, white, gray, these colorless color to press it. No matter how gorgeous you are wearing, you just need to choose authentic black, white and gray on the accessories, and the primary and secondary feeling will appear in a moment, and it will appear lofty and special.

Reception Area Design

Generally, it accounts for three-quarters or two-thirds of the whole store area (depending on the situation). An operation area is a place where customers can be served directly. It is required to be loose, clean, and comfortable, and the convenience and smoothness of customers should be considered. The music must be played with an American tone. Elegant classical music is preferred. The mirror should be bright, the chair and bed should be exquisite, the shape should be unique, and the color should be unified.

The design of the reception counter in the operation area is also very important. Choose the right style to match the color of the store theme. You can use wooden retail counters together with a display showcase in front to create more sales. Or you can choose a metal retail counter to create a rustic industrial style.

Customer Seating Space

For some high-end clothing stores, you need to design some customer rest and negotiation areas, such as a European-style sofa, solid wood tea table, a stainless steel chair, and so on. Designers can also combine the exhibition area with the negotiation area to create a comfortable and functional seating area. It is required to be concise, comfortable, and clean. And it's easy to see the clothes and products on display.

Clothing Display Stands

The clothing display rack is the most important furniture in a clothing store. Whether it is men's or women's clothing stores or children's clothing stores, the display rack is a carrier of product display. Only with a good-looking clothing display and elegant models can you make your product more attractive. Only by attracting customers into the store can sales and profits be increased.

Different theme collocation of clothing display rack is different, so we should pay attention to color matching and style selection when choosing clothing display rack and fashion model. Whether it is a solid wood clothing display shelf or a stainless steel clothing display rack, it needs to be consistent with the store theme to look good.


Because of its high utilization rate, the toilet will leave a deep impression on customers. You must treat the toilet as other space design, and pay attention to the signboard then carefully design it. It is mainly required to be luxurious and comfortable. The more luxurious it is, the better it will leave a good impression on the customers (note, no bad smell). In each washroom, we often change some ideas of the store, warm service requirements, even some jokes, humorous stories, and preferential policies of promotion and discount.

clothing store design

Design principles of the clothing store

Convenient customers and efficient masses

The design of the external situation of the clothing store must keep the customer as the center and satisfy the customers' various demands. Today's customers no longer regard "shopping" as a kind of authentic purchase movement, but as a pleasure to enjoy. Therefore, clothing stores not only need to have clothing goods that can meet the needs of customers but also invent a suitable shopping situation, so that customers can enjoy the most perfect efficiency.

Outstanding characteristics, good at operation

The design of the external situation of the clothing store should be determined according to the scale and category of the goods operated and the habits and characteristics of the target customers. With unique operation characteristics, the target customers are attracted to the clothing store. It makes customers look around when they see the appearance is not elegant, and they have a desire to go shopping in the store, and when they enter the store, they become infuriated with fierce purchase desire and unique feeling.

Improve efficiency and add benefit

The environment in the clothing store should be designed scientifically, so as to reasonably organize the operation and management of the clothing store so that all links in the operation of the clothing store can be a closely joint venture so that every garment worker can develop his / her maximum potential so that he/she can waste his / her rest time, reduce his / her rest cost, improve his / her obligation efficiency, so as to add the economic benefits and benefits of the clothing store social results.


Whether it is to design a men's or a women's clothing store, designers must understand the product, be familiar with the product, determine the layout of the store from the perspective of the product, determine the theme from the layout scheme, and determine the color from the perspective of the theme. So that all parts of a clothing store are unified. An excellent fashion store designer needs to have creative thinking and skilled skills to design customer satisfied works for different products, styles and requirements.