USA fashion style bubble tea store food restaurant juice bar counter design

Open a beverage shop is the dream of many people. If you want to open a bubble tea shop or a juice bar, you can find some food shop design from our Ant Display Ltd. A lovely and attractive bubble tea store design can help you to attract more customers to come to your shop. Our aim is to help you to do it perfectly!


Bubble tea shop:

The shop size is about 137 square meters in total. Below is the floor plan of the whole bubble tea shop, we can see the layout from the 3d design. This bubble tea and juice shop include the staff room, washroom, a long food bar counter, bar table and some sofa seating area. On the outside the door, it has two outdoor seating.

Bubble tea shop layout


Work bar counter:

The size is around 10 x 2.4 x 1m of the work counter of the juice bar shop. The food counter size can be customized with your requirement or we arrange it according to your shop size. The material is plywood with laminate and the countertop is Corian store. It has two cashier stations for the customer can order the food here. On the front side, we add a 3d acrylic lighted logo and a 32 inches advertising TV.

Juice bar counter

On the right side is a bar area with 3 bar chairs, this area also can for the customer to sit here. We can see on the back wall is the black tiles decoration and with some menu TVs. Also, it has some display shelves on the wall, the material is golden color stainless steel with a glass display shelf. The layout of the juice bar counter we make according to the equipment. So we need the equipment list from you to arrange the layout. This way can for us leave the exact size of the equipment then you can fit them into the bubble tea food counter well. We can make all of the juice bar counters include the lights, sinks, all the accessories, wires and socket, lock, logo and lighted box or advertising TV.

Food shop counter


Bar table area:

This area is the bar table with the chairs, the style is retro style. The bar table is 1200 x 500 x 1000mm and the material is a metal frame with a wooden countertop. A bar table can fit 2-4 people.

Bar table

Sofa seating area:

This area on the left side of the bubble tea store is one of the sofa seating areas. On the wall, it has a logo as well. A subulate desk with some sofa for one person and for two people. The customer can enjoy their time while they have drinks.

Juice shop

Another sofa seating area is on the right side of the shop. This area has a feature wall with flower decoration and an advertising TV. The customer can watch TV while they have food. The restaurant table is black quartz stone with metal legs. The seating sofa also a good design and comfortable.

Bubble tea store



Ant Display can provide the customize store design to you. Please offer us the store size of your bubble tea shop. Our design team will make a new 3d design for you with the shop size and the layout you want. We can also arrange the layout for you if you do not have any ideas. For a customized store design charge 500$-1000$ and we will offer the 3d design and detailed construction drawing to you. A professional store design is very important for you to start the business and this is the first step. We are the best option for you!

Bubble tea shop design