bubble tea shop furniture

Bubble tea and smoothie become very popular among people, as it has a special taste with a cool feeling. The shop owner always sells them together to win more clients. Especially in hot Summer, many people go to the bubble tea shop during lunch break. They can also deal with works and meet with friends in the bubble tea shop. Because the bubble tea shop always has a high-end and comfortable decoration.

Every bubble tea shop has its unique brand theme and decorates ideas. The same thing is they all want a fashionable, modern and attractive shop design. So that people can leave a deep impression and remember it at the first sight. Here are some tips to decorate the smoothie store/ bubble tea shop.

Tips for Bubble tea shop decoration

1. Combined color selection

The color decoration is very important for a bubble tea shop. According to a survey, colors can affect consumer behavior and show personal aesthetics. It also maintains consumers' long-term goodwill of the brand and may continue to share with their friends.

Bubble tea shop wall decoration

This bubble tea shop chooses combined white and gray color, which can always give people a pure and noble feeling. Its total has 3 walls, the front wall is in white color. The left hand has a menu with a price list, while the right hand is a blackboard to write recommend the food. The Back wall facing the entrance also in black color with the menu. The left side wall behind the service counter is black tile decoration. The right side wall is in gray color with a curved white panel on the top.

Bright light color decoration

Spotlights and ceiling lights are part of the color decoration. As it illuminates the store, it even makes the furniture outstanding and beautiful. This smoothie shop mainly uses white ceiling lights and warm spotlights to work together to create a unique store atmosphere. When the warm yellow light lamp hidden the wall cabinets, matches the wood finish well. However, the white light strip on the floor is added to the service counter, which looks very dazzling in the shop.

smoothie counter

2. Bubble Tea Shop furniture display layout

From the bubble tea shop floor plan, we can see it includes a reception counter with a work table and most areas for eating tables and seating chairs. This allows more customers to sit down to enjoy food and even have a good rest.

Reception counter description

The reception counter of the smoothies shop is a place for order and prepare smoothies. It includes a work table, display showcase, cashier counter, storage cabinet, and water sink counter.

Front counter- The front counter has a POS system to order. We can place coffee machines, milkshakes, sealers on the top for convenient usage. And the countertop has a glass plate over the top for protection. The fan-shaped display cabinet set in the corner increasing the display area and avoid sharp corners.

Back counter- Back counter mainly use to prepare bubble tea and smoothie. We can put refrigerator here and set water tap with sink here for wash and water supply. The back wall has an open cabinet to display more items. We put up 4 lightbox paintings with a menu in the center, which is good for customers to buy bubble tea in different flavors and reduce waiting time. Under the countertop are lock cabinets for storage.

This service counter has a ceiling on the top with a chandelier. The brand logo can be set on the main body of the counter. We can even use the brand logo wall to enhance the image of the store.

bubble tea shop furniture

Seating area furniture introduction

It has a total of 6 round tables in this smoothie shop, 3 tables with chairs in the center, and 3 sets inside the wall. The left wall has a long sofa against the wall with a squared table with 6 green bar chairs. In front of the glass window on the right, there is a long solid wood bar and 5 white bar chairs.

3. High-Quality Materials

The material determines the actual effect and texture of the furniture. We recommend using high-quality materials for production. The reception counter mainly uses Plywood to make the body and the surface material is white laminate. Plywood is very good to build a food counter as it is a rainproof stable. The countertop is marble stone, very durable to use, and easy to clean. We can also add a solid wood plate as decoration.

How to installation the bubble shop furniture?

The bubble tea shop counter, brand logo, tables, and chairs are complete in the workshop. Our workers focus on the details and build it following the construction drawing. Then assembly them well and test everything part. After that, we will take photos and videos for your confirmation and even turn on the light to show the effect. When you receive the bubble tea shop furniture, just put them in the right place and connect wires.