With the advancement of information technology and the improvement of the national economy, many ideas and information products have entered everyone's eyes. The network carriers of mobile phones and computers are a reflection of the improvement of the world economy.

Why Cell Phone Store Becomes Popular?

In just 15 years, mobile phones have gradually evolved from luxury goods to common necessities. As the widespread use of mobile phones among urban residents has brought about the development of many industries, mobile phone accessory retailers and mobile phone repair shops have developed in large numbers. That is why many businessmen start to make a mobile phone shop and we can guide you on how to do it.

Cell phone case display stand

Tips for open a cell phone shop:

Enough budget

When you have an idea want to open a mobile phone store, you should think of the budget first. Although opening a cell phone store not need so much money, we still need to prepare enough budget. Because the rent, the products, the store interior decoration, and the shop display furniture all need the money.

Good location

A good location is one of the most important of a mobile phone shop. You can inspect some locations in the street, the shopping mall, the office building, and some downtown districts. You can choose the location according to your budget. For the location of this cell phone shop, our customer chooses in a busy street in the London, UK.

Phone shop design

Storefront design

For the storefront design of the mobile phone store, we need to make it to be attractive. We need to let people know your shop is a mobile phone shop. Like the storefront of this mobile phone shop, we make the stainless steel lighted logo for it and write what service provided. This kind of bright and attractive storefront can bring more customers for you.


Business plan

You need to clear that what service you will offer to the customer. For example, this cell phone shop, for selling the mobile phone, cell phone case, earphone, USB cable and provide the phone repair service. The business plan will impact the layout of the whole mobile phone shop.

Shop layout

Our design team can arrange the layout of the whole mobile phone shop display for you according to your store size and your requirement. For this mobile phone shop, the front of the glass door is for the mobile phone display and an advertising stand with a TV. Inside the mobile phone store, there are wall display cabinets for the cell phone case against the two sides of the wall. In the middle of the cell phone shop, there are 2 display stands for the iPad case. Finally, it is the cashier counter with the glass display showcase. Next, we will introduce them one by one to you.

Phone display cabinet

Cell phone shop display furniture:

Glass display showcase

On the front of the cell phone shop, it has two glass display showcase for mobile phones. One of the advantages of this mobile phone shop is the transparent glass door. As the glass door is transparent, then people can see your products directly when they walkthrough. The size of the cell phone glass display showcase is 920 x 400 x 2000mm. We customize this size according to the size of the right-side door. The material is 8mm tempered glass and each shelf has the led strip light to light up the mobile phones.

Glass display showcase

TV advertising stand

On the left side of the cell phone shop, it has a TV stand. This TV stand is for you to play the photos or videos for advertising. And this TV stand can play a good role in advertising and publicity. The size of this TV stand is 750 x 300 x 1860mm, and the size of the TV is a 50inches TV. We will leave a wire come out for you to connect to your store power supply.

TV stand

Wall display showcase

Aginst the two sides of the wall, we put the wall display showcase for the cell phone cases. The size is 1500 x 350 x 2400mm of the wall display showcase. It has 2 styles of wall display cabinet for you to choose from. One style of the phone case wall display cabinet is the Slatwall display with the hooks. This kind of wall display showcase needs to use hooks to display the mobile phone cases.

And another style of the wall display showcase is the wooden shelves display. Because our customer wants to display more mobile phone cases as much as possible, he chooses the first style to use the hooks to display the cell phone cases on the Slatwall. You can choose as you like from these two styles of the cell phone case display showcase. Under the display area of the wall display showcase are the drawers for the storage.

Wall display showcase


Middle display stand

In the middle of the mobile phone shop, it has two units for the display stands. The size of the middle display stand for the iPad cases is 1200 x 400 x 1100mm. These two display stands are for iPad cases. And also use the hooks to display the iPad cases on the Slatwall.

Middle display stand

Cashier counter

The size of the cashier counter of the mobile phone shop is 1500 x 500 x 1200mm. On the front of the cashier counter, we can customize your brand logo use an acrylic lighted logo. This cashier counter can also use to as a repair table. One counter with two usages.

Cashier counter

Glass display cabinet

Near the two sides of the cashier counter, it has two glass display cabinets. These two glass showcases on the two sides of the cashier counter can use to display some small products here. When the customer pays the money here, they can see some interesting products so it is better to display some hot sale products on these two glass display cabinets.

Glass display cabinet

The customer is very satisfied with our quality. Here are some feedback pictures from our customer:

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