How To Design an attractive cell phone store? Check to blow Gionee mobile phone shop, Three useful ideas on mobile phone shop design.

Fashion themes attract customers. With the rapid development of science and technology, the speed of mobile phone replacement is faster and faster, so the decoration industry of mobile phone shops must not lag behind. All electronic products should be at the forefront of the times and lead the trend of people's life.

Therefore, mobile phone stores must have a theme of fashion, and they must not follow blindly. They must have their own unique innovation, combined with the main products, and add fashion elements to the decoration of mobile phone stores.

Unique designretail counteris the most attractive ideas of this retail store. People may hardly remember the adverting on the wall, but they will soon attract by the unique display counters.

Cell phone store interior design ideas

Simple style to retain customers, the store design is to highlight the product, if the decoration of the mobile phone shop is too complex, it will cover up the light of the mobile phone. Moreover, the pace of modern fast life does not adapt to too complex decoration, people love the simple but not simple style, pay attention to efficiency, so the decoration of mobile phone shop should conform to the consumption habits of consumers, in order to retain customers.

mobile shop design

Internal and external integration. Many shop decoration is easy to ignore the shop's external decoration, in fact, the combination of indoor decoration and outdoor decoration in mobile phone shop decoration. Including signboard design, entrance design, window design, etc., should be combined with interior decoration style, unified color, lighting, background, etc. Do not give people a sense of separation confusion, enhance the value of the shop, so that the mobile phone shop appears tall! Such decoration will stimulate people's desire to buy.

mobile phone store design

The main theme of Gionee's cell phone is organic, to be honest use 70% of orange color in the mobile shop design is a brave trial, But it turns out an amazing effect. The orange color is the main color for Gionee mobile phone, it also matches the dark grey to create a clean, warm, and comfortable shopping atmosphere.

Cell phone store interior design ideas

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