A good shop can attract more customers. Only in so many competitive situations can we retain customers and create more profits.

Food Shop Interior Design

First, choose the decoration color of the Bakery shop

A beautiful and unique decoration style is an important guarantee for a burst of the bakery business. Therefore, if the beverage store is larger, you can also consider increasing investment in decoration. The color should be fresh, pink and white, or white and blue, white and wood grain colors can show a good fresh effect. Use some green plants, such as walls, or add more green plants on the display cabinet. At the same time, it highlights the style.

Decoration and Layout

This should fully demonstrate modern features. The decoration of bakery chain stores should adopt the simple style and bright colors to give customers a relaxed feeling; the tables and chairs in the store can be bar tables or bar chairs, which is full of the sense of the times and can make the most of the limited use of the store. The kitchen should also adopt a simple layout as far as possible to give customers a clean and hygienic impression.

Description of the Bakery Shop Design

This bakery mainly sells two products, the first is milk tea and the other is bread. The main furniture is composed of bar counters, display stands for the bread, lightboxes, tables, and chairs.

shop design

Bar Counter

Color and decoration: The main colors of the bar are wood grain and white. There are also stainless steel bars as decoration. Stainless steel tanks are often used as bar counter decorations. Because this kind of decoration makes the whole bar even more advantageous and attractive. Especially for wood grain with stainless steel, this combination is very popular in Australia. Many customers like this style very much. You can see the details we have produced.

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bar counter

Logo: Logo must exist in the store. The logo of this design is placed on the counter, using a luminous logo. We have a special switch to control the lighting of the logo. Generally, the 3D stainless steel luminous logo is the most beautiful.

Lightbox: The upper part of the bar is a lightbox, if you have an advertising TV, it would be better, so you can play and scroll. If you want a lightbox, it is recommended to use a soft film lightbox. The advantage of the soft film lightbox is that it can be easily replaced at any time.

soft film light box

Bar Counter structure: On the right side of the bar is a refrigeration device that can be used to refrigerate cakes. On the front of this device, we will make a baffle according to the size of the device, so that the overall structure is more coordinated. To the left of the bar are the cash register, service, and display area.

Display Stand

The display area of the bakery is very obvious. The first is to display the goods directly nearby the glass window, customers can clearly see the product. The second is to display the bread in the center of the store, customers can see it as soon as they enter the door. As you can see from the pictures, each display will be decorated with more green plants.

bakery store design

Sitting area

Generally, there will be a seating area in the shop. Because many customers and friends like to enjoy their leisurely afternoon tea in the store. This seating area is placed in the center of the shop and on the right side of the shop.


For the main material of the shop, we will use plywood as the main material and will laminate it as the surface treating. We are a custom manufacturer, if you have any requirements for the material, we also can assist you to do it and meet your requirements.

bubble tea counter

Ant Display

Ant display has done all kinds of food shop for more than 15 years. We have an own factory and own design team and can customize the mall kiosk and shop fixture for you. Ant Display has produced different fixtures and shipped the furniture to different countries. So do not worry about the distance.

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How to Start the Project?

  • Firstly, contact our salesman, and tell them all of your needs about the shop like the layout, size, color style.
  • Second, We will get back all of your ideas to our design team, and they will work out a solid plan for you. Then will display all of your needs on the 3d design, you will see the whole effect of how it will look.
  • Third, after you confirm the 3d design and every detail, we will start to produce.
  • Forth, Received a 50% production deposit before produce, arrange the balance payment before shipping.