Project background: honor is a smart terminal brand of Huawei, with series products such as glory 3C and glory 3x. Glory products follow Huawei's quality and pursue cooler and more extreme experience. Glory mobile phone has three characteristics: super long-endurance, super signal, and excellent quality.

Brand positioning: making mobile phones for young people

Design orientation: honor is the Internet mobile phone brand of Huawei. The design brand of Si exclusive store is to pursue faster changes to adapt to the era of mobile Internet, which reflects the essence of the Internet. The design of the whole Si store breaks the traditional impression of cold technology,

On the premise of transmitting the sense of Internet technology, designers add elements of retro and trendy to make the young people who pursue the ultimate technology more equal and open, reflecting the unique "Chaomei technology" of glory brand, with high-cost performance.

Cooperation content: Huawei mobile phone store design

Design methods: we are not limited by the design style and form, adhere to, and maintain the development of their own unique design language, based on the combination of space design requirements and use functions, to customize the most efficient space design services for brand customers. The designer formulates the standardized design of space, behavior, props display, and visual indication, and carries out rapid replication of chain terminal design in various regions for chain brands.

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