A while ago, a hotel customer in a city wanted to do a KTV design. He went to the city on business and went to the most "tall" KTV in the city overnight, There is a Roman column on both sides of the front desk of the KTV hall, which proclaims its dominant position in the city. In the corridor to the private room, the column is mischievous and wrapped in gold and silver, and the glass wall is covered with geometric lines, reflecting the broken face of the drunk...

How to Design a Modern Luxurious Apple Cell Phone Store?

Talking about the design of high space with customers, customers asked me, Apple store design always looks tall, what are the characteristics of its space design? There are four types of Apple's exclusive stores: single flagship stores; ancient buildings implanted; shopping malls with separate front faces; and shopping mall cell phone kiosks. From the classification, we can see that the landmark of the building and the unique all-glass material are the two main reasons for feeling tall. In addition, I would like to talk about the source of tall space from the perspective of space design.

I'll talk about the embodiment of tall in the design of exclusive stores from three aspects. The first is the details, the second is the color, and the third is the layout.

Details Design

A famous design motto "less is more". More, one is the imagination of the viewer on the space left blank, the other is the designer's design consideration of details. Compare apple to its own store. In the same store, the change is that the glass box on the ground has changed from 18 pieces on each side to 3 pieces on each side, and the metal fasteners are canceled, so the overall impression is more transparent. Maybe it's not the designers who try to explore. No one can find that the permeability of 18 pieces of glass is not as good as that of 3 pieces of glass.

Detail design is often difficult,

  • The designer's design sensitivity, which is not the ability of every design.
  • Another very difficult reason is that Party A may not be able to bear the high cost. In high-end stores, Apple's glass can reach the 25-meter cutting technology level, which is the cost; there are few factories in the world that can make such glass, which requires high transportation requirements and high loss, which is also a cost.
  • Finally, the third difficulty is cost control. Modern beautiful cell phone display fixtures will cost a high cost to build it.

Some designers choose to give up, and some designers will choose creative solutions. For them, the solution is not a sacrifice of cost or design, but a creative solution.

Color Design

At present, the color of the Apple store is transparent and transparent, and the indoor large area is decorated with white, and most of them are decorated with simple black lines. In the early days (a few years), Apple's classic collocation was black and white, and then the main color was white or black, which was tried in many stores. It can be seen that the sense of quality will not be reduced by using black in large areas, but the sense of technology will be. I guess in my own mind, this is also the color matching tried by many store designs.

The main colors used in Apple stores also changed slightly, and the basic combination has become: transparent appearance + large indoor area white + support structure metal gray (stainless steel color).

The only change is the ban on black, and the area of metal ash has become larger. Maybe there are two reasons

  1. Compared with the black, large-area metal gray of supporting structure (column, etc.) is more coordinated, and will not damage the overall transparent white feeling;
  2. The cost can also be reduced if the color of stainless steel is no longer treated.

Generally speaking, Apple has always been very harmonious in color. The fine-tuning in the later stage is to serve the brand's concept of "technology and culture". It is difficult to inspire our daily stores (this kind of inspiration can refer to oppo and other stores. Although white is used in large areas, the atmosphere is quite different).

Layout Design

The layout plan is very important for an apple mobile phone store design. Whether you are doing apple renew service or apple phone retail business. You should have a proper layout design for your store. The appropriate space layout can not only better reflect the sense of space of the store but also provide a friendly shopping experience. Customers can easily move in the store and choose the products they want. The main products or new models of the season need to be displayed in the focus position. Other accessories and the like can be done in front of some display cabinets to set off.

Designers need to consider three factors in the layout of the overall mobile phone store.

  • Is it convenient for customers to use
  • Is it convenient for employees to check out and service
  • Can the display of the display cabinet reflect the brand