Since the mobile phone has communication equipment, the mobile phone has appeared successively. The mobile communication tool has become popular in the 21st century. Every man, woman, and child has owned one or more mobile phones. And because of this, the price of mobile phones has not been very stable.

Still, if you want to do a small business such as mobile phone retail, you must seize one point: the business opportunity. For example, the new phone's popular styles are different every year, so you don't need to stock too much. If you can't sell it out this year, you'll lose the goods. But will it sell well? If you change the latest model in the coming year? The answer is also unclear. How do you open a mobile phone store and run a successful cell phone retail business?

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Profit Analyst 

Most mobile phone shops are opened in the middle of a shopping mall known as cell phone mall kiosks. Some of them will choose to start a phone store on business streets. Generally, the gross profit of one mobile phone is between $150-$400. In different countries, the rules are different. It also depends on the seller's ability to analyze and persuade customers.

The primary profit depends on the number of portable phone counters in the shopping mall and your daily shipments. For example, you can sell ten units a day. The average profit of the station is $200 that is $2000, and the kiosk rent is only $1,500 a month, so the profit margin is still considerable. 

Some of the cell phone retail profits will be higher. A $ 300 phone can be sold for $ 800; that's not a myth in many cell phone stores. In a countryside or township, maybe only two or three mobile phone cases be sold a day, that is 100 units a month, and some sell as well as 200 Pieces, the profit is $200 per unit the monthly profit is $40,000. The rent in the township is about $3,000, which is $ 30,00 more a month.

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Industry prospects: 

There are more mobile phones now and more mobile phones in the future: By the end of 2009, mobile phone users in China had reached 723.3 million, and the mobile phone penetration rate was 60.06%. Mobile phones have swallowed more and more industries, such as: 

  • 1. Mobile phones will replace computers. When surfing the Internet, many people use mobile phones to access fackbook, watch TV and video chat, play games, etc.
  • 2. Mobile phones will replace traditional TVs, and many TV stations are now on mobile TVs. 
  • 3. Mobile phones have swallowed MP3/MP
  • 4, digital cameras, DV camcorders, radios, Bluetooth, business communication, etc. 

It will also swallow more industries. Think about it. No one industry has ever consumed so many sectors.

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Choose Store Location

Customer flow is the fundamental reason for the good or bad business of each store. First of all, we must understand the purpose, speed, and retention time of customers in the vicinity of the store and analyze the customer flow according to the characteristics of the region. For example, near some public places, vehicles passing through arterial roads, the scale of passenger flow is enormous, although the passenger flow's primary purpose is not to shop. Still, the passenger flow's primary goal is not to shop, the flow of passengers is fast, and the residence time is short, which is not conducive to shopping.

It is also necessary to investigate competitors. The successful operation of the store largely depends on the surrounding competitors. Therefore, analyzing competitors is also an essential aspect of analyzing passenger flow. The location of the store should be chosen as far as possible in a place where similar stores are relatively concentrated and have development prospects, which is more beneficial to stores with unique products.


Cell phone store decoration design also matter in shop sales. Choose the high quality store fixtures, such as display showcase, wall shelving or display table that use to display new cell phones. A good store design with high quality display fixtures can not only organized the full shop, but also improve the shopping experience and then imcrase your sale. 

In the next few years, mobile phone shops may once again breakthrough sales. People can see people using mobile phones in cities, and some remote mountainous areas do not have such convenient conditions for the time being. It is expected in the next few years.  Mobile will expand the market again, so the sales of mobile phones will naturally increase. And now that the Internet is developed, you can use the Internet to open a mobile phone shop online and increase business channels, and the business will naturally become more prosperous!