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In this era of the increasing popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories are very popular. There are many types of mobile phone accessories, such as chargers, earphones, mobile phone cases, tempered film, speakers, Bluetooth, cameras, cardholders, power banks, and so on. These accessories are commonly used by us, and each of them is used in our lives. Opening a small mobile phone accessories store is very necessary for now. Because the demand for mobile phone accessories is still quite large, the profits obtained are also quite large.

Custom Phone Accessories Display Stand

The main material about the phone display stand is MDF. On the surface, we use baking paint. The baking paint will be more attractive and bright. At the top of the display showcase, we install the lightbox. The lightbox is more bright and can attract attention from the customer. The lightbox can put the accessories you will display, then it is clear to choose for the customer. The bottom of the display stand is made into a drawer to store the goods. It is convenient to choose the relevant accessories for you.

Phone Display Stand for Sale

  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 1500X350X2400mm
  • Surface, baking paint
  • Color, white 
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others led strip, lightbox, stainless steel kick toe


There are four steps to produce the display stand. The first step is to make a wooden cabinet. The second is polish. The third is to cover the baking paint. Forth is installing some accessories.

Wood Cabinet

The wooden cabinet is the first step and plays an important role during the whole process. Once the wooden cabinet is finished and can not change. So we will make the wood cabinet according to the construction drawings and the 3d design that we confirmed. If there need to install the socket, we will reserve the holes in the wood cabinet. For each part, we will produce the wood cabinet according to the construction drawings without mistakes.


We all know that the surface of the wooden cabinet is very rough. This final process will be very rough and not beautiful. Therefore, the wooden cabinets generally used for baking paint need to be polished. Polishing will make the whole cabinet better colored, smoother, and more attractive.

Baking Paint

Baking paint is a very common surface treatment. The color rendering of the paint is very good, and it looks very smooth and shiny. This is the reason why many people like baking paint for surface treatment. For mobile phone display cabinets, most of them use baking varnish as the main material. For the paint color, before we produce, we will confirm the paint color to the customer. We need to paint according to the color that customers like, and then spray it evenly on the cabinet. Bake at high temperature to shape it. Finally, let it stand for a while to make the cabinet better shape.


After the paint is finished, we need to install the glass, lightbox, light strip, and the socket, logo on the cabinet. Because of the different voltages in different countries, we will also install transformers on the cabinets. After you receive the display stand, it can work successfully. 

There are Some Question from Our Customer

A: When can I receive the display showcase?

B: If you want to get the same one, the production time will take about15-18working days. If you want to order the above 3 sets, the production time will take about 22-25working days. If you order the above 20 sets, the production time will take about 28-32 working days.

And the shipping time will depend on your country, and which transportation do you want.

For one more thing, If you decide the do a new design according to your needs, we can customize a new one based on your needs. The design will take about 3-5 working days.

A: How to Install?

B: We will install the electrical wire, lightbox and the light strip on the phone display stand before shipment. When you receive the phone display stand, just connect the wires with the mall power supplier directly. Then the whole phone display stand can work.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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