pharmacy display stand

Medicines can help kill viruses and help us restore health. Since the end of 2019, the new coronavirus has broken out and spread widely. Many people in the world have lost their lives, and the global economy has suffered a lot. In the past, malaria and plague caused many deaths. With the development of medical and health care, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher.

Pharmacies and hospitals save our lives and keep us healthy. Pharmacy store plays a big role in our daily life and many doctors start pharmacy shops and earn money. Regarding the pharmacy store furniture, every owner has their special ideas. Because they want to have a wonderful shop effect and leave a deep impression on the clients.

Pharmacy store furniture in Miami, USA

This pharmacy store furniture includes a pharmacy store counter, working the counter, display shelf, wall cabinets, and seating sofa. They work together to make the most of the storage space. The furniture in this pharmacy is specially designed for American customers and shipped to the Port of Miami. In order to better confirm the details of the counter design, the store is divided into four parts, each part has its own function.

Pharmacy store furniture concept

pharmacy display furniture

1-Entrance part

The entrance glass door has two lightbox paintings to put up posters. People can see the advertising when passing by and in the store. A seating sofa has a movable glass plate between each seat. It is easy to tear out when not in need. Brand logo wall set the wall.

2-Consulting room

The consultation room helps the patient to make a preliminary confirmation and. It is like a small office. We can place information desks and filing cabinets. It has a frosted glass door and wall to protect privacy.

3-Laboratory room

We merged two rooms for laboratories and storage of medicines. They are separated by sliding glass doors. So you can close the door when doing the experiment.

4-Display area

The display area has display shelves in the center and wall cabinets. The pharmacy display shelf against the wall has adjustable layers, so we can change the shelf height to showcase different kinds of medicines. In the center of the store, there are two double-sided display racks and a small slatted wall bracket. The wooden slatted wall provides a background for promotional activities.

5-Operation room

The operation room is mainly used to provide customers with the required medicines. The back wall has open wall cabinets with light for brightness.

6-Separate counter

There is a long reception counter between the operating room and display area. It has a closed plate, only staff can enter the inside room. Clients pay money and pick up medicines from this counter.

Pharmacy display cabinets introduction

Wall cabinets

There are two kinds of wall cabinets, size 1080mm*600mm*2200mm. One style is a white pharmacy display shelf with LED light on each layer. It is installed in the operation room for convenient usage. Another style is a wood color pharmacy display stand with lock cabinets and movable shelves. This pharmacy wall cabinet put in the display area. It mainly uses to display items in a good way. With the bottom cabinets and lock door, we can restore medicine and other products here.

pharmacy display standmedicine display stand

Center display shelf

Double-side display shelves

This double-sided display stand is popular in pharmacy stores. Because it can display more things. The standard size is 1800*650*1900mm. The uniqueness of this double-sided display is that its laminate can be moved. We can adjust the height as needed, and increase or decrease layers as needed. The color is white with a wood grain finish, which matches the shop theme and furniture very much. Small display stand with slat wall

There is a small display stand in front of the store at size 1200*600*800mm. This small pharmacy display stand has an oval shape. Two sides have display shelves to place items white and the front and back sides have aluminum grooved plates.

double side display shelf

Reception counter

The reception counter consists of 3 separate counters, total size of 4500*600*1000mm. There is a POS system in the middle counter, which is mainly used for the cash register. The other two counters are used to fetch medicine and get off the bus. There is an open cupboard in front of the counter, where we can place small items for easy purchase. The counter at the back is a locker with a slatted wall, which is mainly used for hanging plastic bags.

pharmacy display counter

Operation counter

The operation counter size is 1600*1200*1000mm in total. It allows two people to work together. Because it is composed of 2 counters. Computers set on the countertop and printers set in the open shelves under the counter table. Locked drawers on the bottom to increase storage area. The safe can be hidden under the counter

reception counter

Materials show:

  • Main material: Plywood and stainless steel
  • Surface material: Woodgrain lamination, we can also use solid wood to get a good effect
  • Logo material: 3D luminous acrylic logo
  • Other materials: LED light lamp, tempered glass, leather cushion, sliding rails, hardware, and metal frame

The real effect when installing in a pharmacy store

pharmacy store design

pharmacy store design