Everyone has the love of beauty, especially the girls. The nail industry is developing rapidly, and the beauty industry's prosperity is precisely because of their contributions. It is the dream of many manicurists to open a nail shop of their own. But opening a store is like investing, and there is a certain degree of risk after all. If a store wants to be profitable, it is very important to make adequate preparations before opening, so that even if a 100% business cannot be guaranteed, the risk can be reduced to a lower level. So what preparations do we need to do before opening a nail shop? What should we pay attention to when decorating the shop? In this article, we will provide you with some ideas, hope it can help you.


Tips for the nail bar store decoration:

Attractive storefront design

The storefront of this beauty salon shop with a transparent glass door. And the benefit of the transparent glass door is your customers can see what you offered. We also need to put a sign on the storefront to increase recognition.

Nail shop design


Nail store layout

This beauty salon shop we made for a customer from the USA. The customer contacted us and wanted to make a salon shop with manicure service, pedicure service, and facial care service. You can send us the floor plan of the beauty salon store and then our design team will arrange the layout for you. Our customer provided a simple layout to us about the beauty nail shop. The whole beauty salon shop includes the cashier counter, manicure area, product display area, makeup station, waiting area, bar counter, pedicure area, and skincare rooms.

nail Layout design


Cashier counter

We will put it where customers can see it when they come in for the cashier counter of a shop. The cashier counter is all stainless steel strip design with a black marble stone countertop. The back wall is a feature wall with the brand logo on it. And you can see the grass design of the feature wall lends life to the whole store.

Cashier counter design


Manicure area

A long part of the beauty salon shop is the manicure table. All the nail tables are 2 tables with 4 chairs, total 7 groups. The material of the nail table is MDF with dark grey color baking paint and a wooden countertop.

Manicure table


Product display area

Against the wall of the beauty nail shop, it has some wall display showcase with wooden shelves. This is a product display area, you can put some nail polish or other skin care products here. MDF with baking paint is the material of the product display showcase. We put some stainless steel lighted box on the wall for decoration. All stainless steel frames and inside we will install the led strip light.

Manicure table


Makeup station

The manicure area also have a table of the makeup station. The makeup station with 4 double side mirrors of total 8 work stations.

Makeup station


Waiting area

There is a waiting area at the entrance of the beauty salon shop. This area can for the customers to wait and have a rest here. It is a very comfortable and relax place. Such a sofa chair is guaranteed to provide customers with a comfortable experience environment and process.

Waiting area


Bar counter

Come in a little more is a bar counter area. When the customer waiting, they can have some drinks here. The bar counter design is very high-end with a golden color stainless steel finish.

Bar counter

Pedicure area

Another half area of the whole beauty salon store is the pedicure area. This area total has 12 pedicure stations.


Skin care rooms

The shop has 2 private rooms for the skin care and massage. For the skin care rooms, we put the facial bed, storage cabinets, and water sink.

Skin care rooms


Shop lighting

The lighting design of the nail salon should reflect a sense of hierarchy, which can attract people’s attention and attention. It is recommended not to use a single main light to provide the lighting environment, but to use the main light as the main light and set up some auxiliary lighting, such as wall lights, Light strips, floor lamps, spotlights, etc. to create a sense of hierarchy of light can also give a global lighting environment, can attract the attention of consumers, and can also create a layered beauty of space.


About Ant Display:

Ant Display can provide a full 3d design for the whole nail shop according to your floor plan. Our design team will make the design exactly what you want and meet all your requirements.